Aware’s Proprietary Fingerprint Technology Ranks Among the Best Worldwide After Passing NIST’s PFT III Evaluation

March 23, 2021   |    3 minute read

PFT III evaluation supports Aware’s status as the pre-eminent 1:1 fingerprint template provider in the world

BEDFORD, MASS. – Mar. 23, 2021 – Aware, Inc., (NASDAQ: AWRE), a leading global provider of biometric based authentication software products, solutions and services, has successfully completed the Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT) III evaluation performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)–an accomplishment only four other companies in the world have achieved. Aware’s performance in the PFT III was found to rank third overall for single fingerprint, and second for multiple finger fusion. Combined with its recent top ranking in NIST’s MINEX III evaluation, Aware’s performance in the PFT III continues to assert its status as the pre-eminent 1:1 fingerprint matcher and template generator vendor in the world.

As a leading provider of fingerprint matching technology to U.S. federal government programs, Aware has an established track record of top level proven performance and accuracy for critically important use cases involving 1:1 and 1:Many fingerprint verification and identification. Aware’s fingerprint matching solutions are widely known for their speed and accuracy, and the completion of the PFT III further confirms Aware’s proprietary fingerprint matching technology to be among the best worldwide. This achievement is a demonstration of Aware’s commitment to advancing research and product development in the area of fingerprint biometrics, and to solidify its position as a premier, fully U.S. based vendor of such technology.

“Top level performance and accuracy are critical elements of any fingerprint matching solution, and Aware’s completion of the PFT III evaluation continues to solidify our position amongst the elite in the industry,” commented Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni, chief technology officer at Aware. “When combined with our recently announced top ranking in NIST’s MINEX III evaluation, Aware’s longstanding commitment to accuracy and performance becomes clear. We are proud of these results, and to be counted among the very best performers in the world.”

The PFT III evaluates both the speed and accuracy of a company’s proprietary fingerprint template as used in one-to-one matching. It supersedes the older PFT II test by evaluating the final stage of a one-to-many Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) on much larger and more diverse datasets. In contrast to standardized fingerprint templates, proprietary templates store a fingerprint’s features in a manner that can only be interpreted by the template’s generator. Aware submitted its proprietary fingerprint biometric algorithms for testing on expanded two-finger and ten-finger datasets, as well as datasets that included rolled, plain optical and ink impressions at resolutions of 500 and 1,000 pixels per inch.

Aware’s continually improving fingerprint generating and matching capabilities are used in its AwareABIS family of products, consisting of AwareABIS, AFIX and its Astra solution, and its many available SDKs.

More information about the entire suite of offerings from Aware can be found on Aware’s website.

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