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AFIX Biometric identification technology is not just for law enforcement.

A wide spectrum of entities in both public and private sectors have realized that biometric technologies go far beyond just identifying criminals. Affordable, accurate, multimodal biometric ID technology is valuable in a broad range of scenarios and use-cases: crime scene investigation, determination of friend from foe, improved security, visitor identification, or to help educate the next generation of biometric investigators.


AFIX Tracker is a full-featured automated fingerprint, palmprint, and latent print identification solution.

AFIX Tracker provides minutiae-based search capability and can be configured as a standalone system with an onboard database, or for use with centralized, server-based data stores. AFIX Tracker storage and search capabilities are fully scalable to enable use with databases of virtually any size. AFIX Tracker is most often employed for use in crime scene investigation applications.

AFIX Tracker FR is a multimodal automated fingerprint, palmprint, and facial identification system.

AFIX Tracker FR provides all the friction-ridge identification features of the AFIX Tracker system, plus adds industry-leading facial identification capabilities.


AFIX Face is a facial identification workstation that gives you fast and accurate facial recognition capabilities against a database from a few thousand up to millions of records.

AFIX Tracker RW is to be used as an add-on workstation to your current AFIX Tracker system.

AFIX Tracker RW is the solution when you need an additional AFIX Tracker workstation added to your existing system to expand your agency’s forensic capabilities, streamline investigator or latent examiner workflows, or reduce backlogs.

AFIX Tracker RW provides all the data entry and editing features of the full AFIX Tracker system, including full search and search review functions, and is intended for use as an add-on workstation. AFIX Tracker RW workstations rely upon an existing AFIX Tracker system for database creation and maintenance and may be connected to the database via physical or virtual network connections.

AFIX Tracker LW allows you to edit and search latent prints against a database of known finger or palmprints to accelerate workflow.

AFIX Tracker LW is a completely dedicated latent workstation that gives your forensic investigation team the ability to enter, edit, and search latent prints, increase their production, streamline and accelerate workflow, and quickly reduce any backlog of latent cases waiting to be processed.

AFIX Tracker LE speeds up entering and editing physical records to improve efficiency.

AFIX Tracker LE may be added as an additional workstation to provide comprehensive entry, editing, and feature extraction capabilities, expanding your capacity to quickly enroll physical records into your database in a high-volume environment.

AFIX Verifier confirms identity in a matter of seconds.

AFIX Verifier is a fingerprint-based identity verification system that can confirm or disprove a claimed identity through a 1:1 minutiae-based comparison of two fingerprint images; one from an existing database file and one captured from a live subject. AFIX Verifier can be used to provide reliable biometric identity verification in a wide variety of use-case scenarios.

AFIX Identifier is a fingerprint-based system that identifies unknown live subjects through database searches of known records, using fingerprint images captured from the subject.

AFIX Identifier can be employed in a wide variety of use-case scenarios to provide reliable identification of any live subject who may be uncooperative or is suspected of providing false identification.

AFIX Engine speeds up search time by distributing your search, which allows you to provide positive identification more quickly.

The addition of AFIX Engines allows the search to be distributed over multiple networked processors, thereby speeding up your search time. This is a software-only product.

AFIX Comparator

AFIX Comparator is powerful one to one fingerprint comparison software that allows you to enhance, compare and analyze fingerprint and other forensic images.

The AFIX system is the most stable network of computers we have, requiring little to no maintenance. Since implementation of the Verifier, our prisoner release error rate has gone to zero for over two years. Our ability to identify prisoners with the Identifier has expedited the intake process and offers a one-stop shop for users to print out print cards when they are needed. The method of integration between our RMS for demographics and mug photos and our livescan for biometrics is seamless. The users only need to press a button to export the data from RMS and roll the fingerprints for capture. The import, index, storage and backup of data is all automatic and needs no human intervention at all.
Irving Police Department, Texas
This kind of investigative ability allows our agency to be more self-reliant and lessen our dependence on other agencies, while at the same time provide assistance for other law enforcement departments in our area. This technology is a great addition to our department.
Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama

They provide immediate, helpful, and friendly customer support. The IT department is top notch and is always available to answer questions big or small. It’s wonderful that a person actually answers your calls and not some long automated phone system! We’ve been happy Tracker users for five years…and we are looking forward to many more!

Harrison County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi
We had 32 AFIX hits in only one month and over half were from palms!!! We are keeping our detectives busy making arrests.
Pensacola Police Department, Florida
The AFIX system quickly became an invaluable tool in the management of fingerprint data.
Mattoon Police Department, Illinois

Since 1996, we have only seen a couple of fingerprint cases go to court. Over the last year our agency has made over 50 idents. We also use AFIX Tracker for side-by-side comparisons of footwear and gloves to help jurors see the connection.

Gulfport Police Department, Mississippi
To date, we have had 38 hits out of 130 cases entered. I highly recommend AFIX Tracker and am delighted with the results we have gotten so far. We are looking forward to a very prosperous new year.
Rock Island Police Department, Illinois
We have had several cases where AFIX Tracker was essential to the investigation.

The first is a case where an unknown suspect was stealing cars, keeping them for a few days, and dumping them in various locations around town. He would always steal cars in which the keys were left in them or he would steal new cars off of dealerships by prying open the lock boxes attached to the windows. A Tracker hit led to identifying the suspect and subsequently charging him with nine counts of Auto Theft and three counts of UB&E of a vehicle…

Tuscaloosa Police Department, Alabama
The night before we were getting our new AFIX system installed, our officers were involved in a chase with two carjacking suspects. The individuals fled our jurisdiction and became involved with the State Patrol, who eventually caught up with them seconds after they wrecked the car. The two individuals fled on foot but left behind some valuable evidence. Our crime scene technicians were able to develop latent fingerprints on the exterior of the vehicle. We entered the latent lifts into our new AFIX Tracker system and in less than a minute we had a potential match. Were it not for our new AFIX Tracker system, this case may have taken weeks, if not months, to bring to a successful close.
Brookhaven Police Department, Georgia
Our agency recently solved a 2 year, 3-month-old case using AFIX Tracker, and the bad guy finally got arrested.
Wise County Sheriff’s Department, Texas

The advantage of utilizing AFIX Tracker is your ability to set your search criteria, and your ability to control the quality of the images in the database.

Polk County Sheriff's Office, Florida

In the Beginning

It all began with a suggestion from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

In the 1980s, the FBI wanted to implement a fingerprint identification system as part of a proposed national point-of-sale (POS) firearm control and law enforcement program. They knew that such a system would only be practical if Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) technology could be made accessible to local law enforcement.

The challenge was that no one had ever created an AFIS that functioned on affordable, familiar PCs. Our company was formed in 1989 to meet that challenge.

Although the FBI’s POS firearms control system never came to fruition, the research for that project led us to create the world’s first PC-based Automated Fingerprint Identification System – the AFIX Tracker – which launched in 1998.

Our first customer was the U.S. Army Crime Lab. Now, AFIX systems have been installed in over 500 sites across the U.S. and more than 25 countries. Law enforcement and other government agencies of all sizes have realized that our AFIX systems are easier to use and more cost effective than other biometric identification systems.

We’ve never stopped innovating in the Biometric Identification Industry

We won the race to be first to market with a PC-based AFIS, and again with the first PC-based Automated Palmprint Identification System. But we haven’t rested on our laurels. Aware is committed to keeping AFIX products on the leading edge of biometric ID technology.

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