An Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) for Large-Scale Biometric Identification and Deduplication Using Fingerprint, Face, and Iris Recognition

AwareABIS™ is an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) used for large-scale biometric identification and deduplication using fingerprint, face, and iris recognition. It is a highly scalable platform that performs one-to-many search or one-to-one match against large stores of biometrics and other identity data. It does so by deploying biometric data and matching algorithms across a cluster of multiple computing nodes.

Extremely large biometric databases (tens of millions of records) cannot be stored or efficiently searched on a single computer. Distributing the data and biometric comparison tasks across multiple machines enables even extremely large databases to be searched in only seconds. AwareABIS™ enables not only massive biometric search tasks but complex filter, search, match, and link operations critical to data preparation and quality assurance functions such as identity resolution and data deduplication.


  • Automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS)
  • Large-scale biometric identification and deduplication
  • Civil identity proofing
  • National ID
  • Border management
  • Law enforcement and investigation


  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Facial recognition / face recognition
  • Iris recognition
  • Distributed biometric and text search and match across multiple computing nodes
  • Support for fingerprint, face, iris, voice, and other biometric modalities
  • Support for text-based pre-filtering of biometric search
  • Support for text-based identity search, match, and link algorithms
  • Identity data deduplication
  • Data quality analysis
  • Identity resolution
  • Link analysis and relationship discovery


  • Highly scalable
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Algorithm-independent
  • Open source-based components
  • Support for multi-stage algorithms
  • In-memory template storage
  • Browser-based system monitoring and reporting


AwareABIS™ is built upon several mature, high-performance, field-proven applications, platforms, and algorithms from Aware. Components are available a la carte depending on the application and system requirements. It is also compatible with 3rd party biometric matching algorithms.

URC and WebEnroll

URC is a multimodal biometric enrollment workstation application for enrolling biometric and biographic data into AwareABIS™. WebEnroll is a browser-based version.


WorkbenchSuite is a family of workstation applications (available individually) designed to be used by an operator to analyze and repair or otherwise process digital records containing biometric images and data. Each targets a particular use case and implements workflow carefully designed to best assist analysts in their task.

BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform)

Aware’s BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform) is a service-oriented platform used to enable a biometric system with advanced biometric data processing and management functionality in a web services architecture. It provides workflow, data management and formatting, and other important utilities for large-scale fingerprint, face, and iris recognition systems.


Aware’s Nexa|Fingerprint™, Nexa|Face™, and Nexa|Iris™ SDKs biometric search algorithms for fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition Unlike other ABIS, AwareABIS™ has the ability to utilize biometric algorithms from other suppliers, as well as other modalities, including voice.


Inquire™ performs fuzzy text-based filtering, searching, matching, and linking functions towards discovery of useful information in identity data. Analysis of text-based identity data is naturally complementary to biometric verification and identification, and Inquire is optimized for processing and analysis of data that includes biometrics.


Astra makes use of an open source distributed computing framework that is in use in a diverse variety of large-scale systems, and thus is field-proven, reliable, and well-supported. Astra is highly fault-tolerant with integrated failover capability, and includes a browser-based system monitoring dashboard that allows administrators to know the performance of the system at all times and be alerted when problems arise.

Astra configures a multi-node computing topology and deploys the algorithms and data for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition to each node, then manages the execution of the millions of operations and results in such a way that maximizes the utilization of the machines and processors. The platform is independent of the algorithms in use, so long as access to 1:1 matching capability of the algorithm is provided. The platform is able to run one or more biometric and text matching algorithms in either staged or parallel search configurations.

Astra Core provides system configuration, management, and monitoring. System topology and workflows are configured. The biometric data cache is managed. Biometric matching algorithms are configured, managed and deployed. A browser-based system monitoring dashboard provides alerts and statistical information about the operation of the system. The cluster controller executes commands and computations across multiple computing nodes. It deploys biometric and text matching algorithms and data to each node.

Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)