About Aware

Aware, Inc. Overview

Aware is a leading global provider of biometrics software products and solutions used to collect, manage, process, and match biometric images and data for identification and authentication.

Our products include complete biometric software solutions as well as the modular components used to build them: SDKs and applications for enrollment; fingerprint, face, iris, and voice matching algorithms; mobile biometric capture and authentication software; a biometric workflow and middleware platform, and a fully-scalable ABIS.

These products fulfill critical biometric functionality for applications in financial services, enterprise security, healthcare, human resources, citizen ID, border management, law enforcement, defense, and intelligence. Aware is a publicly held company (NASDAQ: AWRE) based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

History and Market Presence

Aware has provided COTS biometrics software products since 1993, when it helped the FBI to design and optimize the “WSQ” fingerprint image compression algorithm for the first large-scale fingerprint digitization effort. Shortly thereafter, Aware was the first to commercialize WSQ as a COTS SDK product.

Over the following twenty-plus years, Aware has consistently employed a “true COTS” product model, introducing a diverse array of OEM software products used to quickly and easily integrate advanced biometric functionality into systems for a variety of applications.

As our product portfolio has broadened, so has our ability to assemble our COTS products into complete end-to-end software solutions, configured for the particular requirements of the customer. Aware software has been used in hundreds of deployments and is in daily operation on many thousands of workstations, servers, and mobile devices globally.


Aware provides a comprehensive offering of biometric software products, services, and solutions as an independent supplier; that is, independent from hardware vendors, AFIS suppliers, multinationals, and system integrators. This independence ensures that using Aware products not only incorporates high-quality, reliable, best-of-breed functionality into a solution, but also enables a modular, flexible, extensible architecture that delivers substantial long-term benefits to the system owner. These benefits include mitigation of costs and risks associated with hardware and software obsolescence and other system maintenance challenges that otherwise have the potential to weaken the performance and shorten the life of a solution. Other differentiating aspects of Aware’s business and products are as follows:

  • A viable long-term technology partner, with over twenty years as a profitable biometric software specialist
  • In-house development and support of all technologies
    • Limits cumbersome third-party licensing arrangements
    • Keeps ownership and maintenance costs reasonable and controllable
    • Eliminates complex license and node locking
    • Ensures immediate access to the latest enhancements and updates
  • Deeply skilled and knowledgeable research and engineering teams
  • World-class subject matter expertise in the areas of:
    • Biometric sample quality
    • Biometric matching accuracy and performance
    • Biometric peripheral capture device integration and abstraction
    • Biometric data interchange and standards
    • Software packaging for ease-of-use by third parties
  • Best-in-industry technical support and software engineering assistance

“True COTS” Products

Aware products are “true COTS”, deployed and maintained equivalently by hundreds of customers across a diverse variety of environments and applications. Some of our products have been actively maintained and deployed for over twenty years. Aware’s diligent software maintenance practices ensure that lessons learned from deployments are incorporated back into the products in the form of new functionality, performance improvements, and bug fixes, which are in turn made available as software updates on a frequent and regular basis. Flexibility and extensibility are achieved through a variety of software engineering and business operating principles that have been fundamental to the success of Aware’s COTS product model:

  • loosely coupled, granular components available a la carte, each with discrete functionality and no interdependencies
  • seamless operation with adjacent Aware components
  • well-designed, well-documented APIs
  • high degree of configurability supporting a wide range of applications and use cases
  • implementation of open standards for interfaces and data interchange
  • ability to operate and perform equivalently with a variety of hardware peripherals
  • availability in a variety of platforms and environments, including thick client, browser-based, mobile and handheld units
  • backward/forward compatibility of APIs
  • deployment and maintenance across a large, diverse customer base, that contributes to robustness and flexibility
  • high-performance maintenance and technical support that contributes to fast fixes and frequent improvements and updates

Services and Solutions

Aware’s broad subject matter expertise and comprehensive portfolio of highly configurable and modular COTS software products enable us to rapidly deliver complete solutions tailored to the specific requirements of a particular project. No biometric system is “off-the-shelf” or “plug-and-play”, and no two are exactly alike; Aware understands this and it is reflected in the ease and speed with which our products can be configured and customized to deliver solution that provides project-specific functionality. Our solutions are flexible, reliable and durable, a result of the modular “true COTS” design of our products, their hardware and algorithm independence, our diligent software maintenance practices, and many years of lessons learned from deployments across a diverse range of environments and applications.  We provide solutions for a variety of applications including border management, law enforcement, defense, intelligence, banking, and payments.