Aware Software Support

After selecting the highest standard of identity verification and management software through Aware, complete the biometric solution with exceptional support. Aware provides industry-leading technical support to address any and all questions, problems and upgrades, including:

  • Resolving questions
  • Addressing defects
  • Providing software updates
  • Conducting technical training
  • Exploring software performance and functionality upgrades to released versions of Aware commercial off the shelf software

Software updates from Aware also include support for recently integrated peripheral devices, and new variants of the operating systems and databases for which the software was originally licensed.

Addressing Your Support Needs

Upon receiving your support request, Aware’s highly skilled support engineers will address it immediately, working through the topic with you using our industry-leading Customer Case Management System. Updates will be shared with you regularly, ensuring total alignment throughout the process. You can also add to your tickets at any time, with automated emails facilitating the conversation and providing immediate notification of new entries in the ticket. The ticket gets closed only when you and Engineer agree that your needs have been satisfied.

Aware Technical Support stands ready to provide third line software support. We are available to assist you on issues beyond the areas typically handled by your organization, such as level 1 and level 2 software support to handle day to day calls such as end user usage questions and computer reboots, and infrastructure (i.e., operating system and network) support.

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You may also email us at or call 781-687-0300.

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