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Keep human resources secure and efficient

Human resource directors are the stewards of employees’ sensitive personal data—pay rate, address, social security number, insurance information, and investments through the company, like 401k plans, are all within the control of HR. Safeguarding this information and ensuring only the actual employee has access to their data is essential. Aware’s biometric solutions can help with several identity-related use cases for human resources departments. They can help ensure more efficient and secure onboarding of new employees, verify identity, prevent duplicate records, and manage time and attendance.

Biometrics for HR environments

Time and attendance tracking

HR professionals can establish advanced employee time and attendance tracking and reporting with Aware’s AwareID™ biometrics-as-a-service platform along with the Knomi mobile authentication software. Capture face and/or voice biometrics, along with time and location, using a mobile device equipped with the Aware SDK. Then that data is sent to the server for processing and storage.

Biometrics can then validate the employee is present with the device at a given time and location. Advanced reporting capabilities provide HR professionals with employee-centric, time-centric, or location-centric reports on employee activity.

Identity proofing and duplicate prevention

Onboarding new employees can be a complex and time-consuming process. AwareID™ is a cloud-based solution leverages biometrics to expedite the process and eliminate duplicate records. This helps greatly reduce fraud and any potential for inadvertent duplicate records.

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System functions and features include:

Identity analytics to prevent fraud

Any attempts at employee identity fraud can be vastly reduced using Aware’s fraud prevention solutions. The advanced Inquire™ identity analytics perform identity resolution, relationship detection, and other probabilistic search, match, and link techniques that help detect attempted fraud. By integrating and cross-referencing identity data between disparate databases, any inconsistencies and non-obvious relationships are automatically detected and categorized by risk. The Inquire systems can also configure and prioritize high-risk conditions.

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