Law Enforcement

Identify suspects quickly and accurately

Rapidly and accurately identifying potential suspects is a critical function for law enforcement officers. And that is precisely why law enforcement agencies at all levels have extensively deployed Aware software and solutions since the early 1990s.

Advanced Biometric Identification, Data Processing and Management

At the heart of Aware’s law enforcement identity solutions is AwareABIS, our automated biometric identification system. Supporting fingerprint, facial and iris recognition for large-scale biometric identification, its modular architecture helps security teams configure and optimize the system for civil or criminal applications.

AwareABIS is based on BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform), Aware’s market-leading workflow and integration server. BioSP provides advanced biometric data processing and management. And because it is an open, modular platform based on web services, it can be easily customized and configured to meet a variety of law enforcement requirements and applications.

Law Enforcement Biometric Solutions

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Support for other law Enforcement operations

Update and streamline law enforcement workflows

Biometric workflows and integration

Since BioSP is a modular, open platform and is based on a web services architecture, it provides unparalleled levels of flexibility for various law enforcement functions. It provides any type of workflow, data management and formatting, and other important functions for large-scale biometric systems in support of law enforcement efforts. The BioSP-based systems can provide:

  • Access to FBI facial search services: Including the new, advanced FBI Next-Generation IAFIS (NGI) services, including facial biometric search
  • EFTS validation and editing: FBI and state-specific EFTS transaction compliance validation, with manual editing for easy resubmission
  • Transaction management: Complete management of all inbound and outbound EFTS transactions, with duplicate submission detection
  • NIST archive support: Secure storage of all inbound and outbound transactions including fingerprint images, mugshots, metadata, and audit logs
  • FBI-certified printing and PDFs: IQS-certified PDF generation and printing of fingerprint and palm cards
  • Browser-based interface: Full support for searching, viewing, and annotating all archived transactions
  • CCH data interchange: XML-based interface and automated data interchange with Computerized Criminal History (CCH) systems
  • Configurable workflows: Automated sharing and archival of transactions and logs through easily customized workflows
  • Advanced search: Indexing and searching of biometric and metadata, with wildcard and partial word searches
  • Facial image search and results analysis: Search of FBI Interstate Photo System and other facial image databases

Integrate and manage biometric transactions

Law enforcement agencies can also integrate biometric data with legacy subsystems using BioSP. It can receive queries and enrollments from booking workstations, and execute configurable formatting and routing rules to process and distribute data to FBI NGI, state AFIS, and CCH systems. It uses a Universal Registration Client (URC) to collect fingerprint and face biometrics and other information as part of a booking process. In this context, BioSP can provide:

  • Workstation application configuration and distribution management
  • Enrollment data aggregation
  • Interfaces to external AFIS service or channeler

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