Safe and secure biometric enrollment

Onboarding new users, customers and employees is a critical function for many businesses and government entities. Accurately enrolling and verifying a person’s identity is essential, and made all the easier through biometrics. Aware offers several biometric solutions to make the enrollment process convenient, all without sacrificing safety and security.

Mobile onboarding

Use mobile devices to conduct identity proofing and mobile onboarding with the Knomi® mobile biometric authentication platform. The algorithms that drive Knomi provide secure and convenient facial and voice recognition for mobile multifactor authentication.

Advanced security checks can authenticate driver’s licenses and passports, and ensure spoof-resistant biometric facial matching between live and printed images. Features include:

  • Biometric facial match to ID
  • Document verification
  • Liveness detection

SaaS-based onboarding

AwareID offers lightning-fast identity verification, multi-factor authentication and biometrics in a single, low-code platform. AwareID’s cloud-based platform onboards identities 4x faster than contemporary alternatives and reduces 50% of the costs.

Browser-based biometric enrollment

Built on BioSP, WebEnroll is the market-leading solution for browser-based biometric enrollment and data management, making it the most advanced middleware platform available. With workflow processing for better storage, retrieval and matching sequences, you can simply deploy and immediately begin managing and maintaining your biometric enrollment workstation software.

WebEnroll’s agnostic solutions leverage BioComponents to ensure capture and compliance assurance of:

  • Biographic Data
  • Fingerprints
  • Facial Images

WebEnroll’s agnostic solutions leverage BioComponents to ensure capture and compliance assurance of:

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