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Ensure comprehensive enterprise security

When it comes to ensuring comprehensive security in modern enterprise settings, focusing on cybersecurity alone is insufficient. Enterprises must secure systems from malicious in-person attacks, and confirm that users accessing the system are indeed legitimate employees.

Biometric and two-factor authentication are rapidly becoming the gold standard when it comes to identity management and authentication. Aware biometrics software can help identity and access management platform providers enhance their password-free authentication solutions with mobile facial recognition and liveness detection.

Secure and convenient passwordless authentication

The Knomi® mobile biometric authentication solution includes a family of biometric matching and liveness detection algorithms. It uses facial and voice recognition to ensure secure and convenient multifactor authentication without relying on less effective and more easily circumvented passwords.

Knomi’s advanced attack detection algorithms are essential for onboarding and authentication. Enterprise security teams can also use Knomi for identity proofing as part of a mobile onboarding solution. Its advanced security checks can authenticate driver’s licenses and passports. It also provides spoof-resistant biometric facial matching between live and printed images, which is critical when preventing duplicates and running checks against watch lists.

Knomi can detect not only victim impersonation spoofs, but also identity concealment spoofs. These can have an adverse effect on using facial images for other biometric identity proofing functions.

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The range of Knomi system functions includes:

Biometric Enterprise Security

The Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework is a collection of biometric SDKs that support mobile devices and server operations. They work together to provide strong, multi-factor, password-free biometric authentication from mobile devices. Identity solution providers can easily incorporate Knomi SDKs and APIs into their solutions to enhance mobile biometric matching and liveness detection and multifactor authentication.

Knomi delivers multiple authentication options, including facial and voice recognition, as well as liveness detection for both. This helps enterprise security teams provide secure and convenient login for employees. Enterprises can also use Knomi for customer-facing authentication solutions.

Enterprises can deploy Knomi software components in different combinations and configurations to run on a server-centric architecture or a device-centric application, and ensure:

  • Biometric matching and template storage on server or mobile device
  • Multiple biometric options, including face and voice
  • High-performance facial recognition with proprietary spoof and liveness detection
  • Simultaneous facial and voice image capture, with biometric results fused for increased accuracy and liveness detection
  • All components available as SDKs with reference application code
  • iOS and Android versions

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