Payment Processing

Secure the payment processing experience

Submitting electronic payments is truly a modern convenience. It is also critical to secure the process from start to finish to ensure payment is made to the proper account, and there is no opportunity for fraud or abuse on either end of the transaction.

Mobile biometric user authentication

Aware offers solutions for user authentication on a mobile device using biometrics. Aware’s Knomi® mobile biometric authentication framework allows banking customers to use their mobile banking apps to conduct banking business in secure and verified transactions.

Biometric Payment Processing

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The Knomi biometrics-enhanced process can increase the security and reduce the friction of transactions.

Additionally, liveness detection serves several valuable purposes

Knomi also features NIST-tested biometric algorithms, highly configurable security functions, multi-mode operation, identity proofing and document authentication, integration with other identity and access management systemsand full support for iOSAndroidWindows, and Linux operating systems. 


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