Biometric Enrollment SDKs

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For identity solution providers looking to build a range of biometric enrollment functions into their solutions, they have a full menu of Aware SDKs from which to choose. Aware presents a broad range of biometric enrollment SDKs to help identity and access management providers facilitate integration and incorporate advanced biometric enrollment functionality. Some of the functions these SDKs provide include facial and fingerprint scanning, validating biometric data, and biometric data analysis.

Identity providers can choose from this extensive list of SDKs

  • LiveScan API: This SDK provides fingerprint capture device abstraction though a common API. It supports more than forty single-finger, multi-finger and palm capture devices.
  • PreFace™: This SDK automatically captures and analyzes biometric facial images in order to maximize quality and “matchability.”
  • IrisCheck™: This SDK provides automated quality analysis, image processing, and compliance assurance for biometric iris images.
  • SequenceCheck™: This API provides matching and image quality measurement for multi-finger live scan and card scan systems.
  • NISTPack™: This SDK facilitates reading, writing, viewing, editing, and validating biometric data transactions in compliance with several ANSI standards.
  • PIVPack™: This SDK facilitates formatting, validating, and parsing biometric, biographic, and security object data in compliance with FIPS 201 and companion documents SP 800-76 and SP 800-73.
  • AccuScan™: This add-on module for NISTPack works with consumer-grade flatbed scanners to scan and digitize paper FBI-certified tenprint cards.
  • AccuPrint™: This SDK provides FBI-certified printing for high-quality digitized fingerprint images using consumer-grade laser printers.
  • Aware WSQ1000: This SDK provides FBI-certified Wavelet Scalar Quantization (WSQ) compression for fingerprint images.
  • FIDO® Suite: This family of SDKs for mobile biometric authentication are certified conformant with the specifications of the FIDO Alliance and interoperable with other FIDO-certified products.

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