Authenticate and verify to secure

Biometric authentication relies on unique characteristics like facial recognition, fingerprint, or iris scans to verify an individual’s identity. Biometric systems are more secure as they are more difficult to work around and spoof.

Mobile authentication

Mobile devices can conduct biometric matching and liveness detection through the Knomi® mobile biometric authentication platform. Secure and convenient algorithms provide facial and voice recognition.

Advanced security checks can authenticate driver’s licenses and passports. Additional features include:

Knomi mobile multifactor authentication is based on NIST-tested face and voice matching algorithms. Additional features include:

Knomi can detect advanced presentation attacks, victim impersonation, and identity concealment. Additional features include:

Identity verification involves performing a “one-to-one” biometric comparison to secure access to either a physical asset or digital asset. Knomi features highly configurable security functions; integration with other identity and access management systems; and support for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Adaptive authentication

AwareID offers lightning-fast identity verification, multi-factor authentication and biometrics in a single, low-code platform. AwareID’s cloud-based platform provides a functional offering from the start, combining automation with trust so you can continuously authenticate while increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Applications include:

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Liveness Detection Case Study


To learn more about mobile authentication and liveness detection, please check out this case study: