Aware’s Offering Tops the List from US Companies Ranked by MINEX III on Generator and Matcher Leaderboards

January 12, 2021   |    8 minute read

This latest ranking confirms Aware’s fulfilment in satisfying all requirements for both Level 1 and Level 2 PIV compliance

BEDFORD, MASS. – Jan. 12, 2021 – Aware, Inc., (NASDAQ: AWRE), a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, today announced its results in the NIST MINEX III (Minutiae Interoperability Exchange) evaluation—a test used to establish compliance of template generators and template matchers for the U.S. Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program. NIST’s MINEX III evaluation is generally considered a stringent benchmark for state-of-the art fingerprint template generation and matching. Aware is one of only two US companies to achieve this certification and its offering ranks the highest from US companies for template generators and matchers.

The MINEX III is an interoperability standard test for fingerprint recognition software, which is run by NIST, and evaluates the compliance of template generators and template matchers across different vendors. MINEX III is tested on a dataset that generates 2 million finger templates and performs around 3 million finger matching operations per submission. Aware submitted its fingerprint biometric algorithms to test in the pooled two-finger ranking for both template generator and template matcher evaluations.

“Compliance with the PIV program is often a mandatory requirement for worldwide public and private organizations that use or require fingerprint technology. This is because it guarantees both the security and interoperability,” said Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni, chief technology officer of Aware. “By completing this certification, Aware has taken on the investment required to get certified so that our customers do not have to undergo this process themselves. We are extremely proud to not only offer this for our customers, but to also rank among the best, representing one of only two US companies recognized.”

Aware’s fingerprint generating and matching capability is used in its AwareABIS family of products and its AwareXM solution.

More information about the entire suite of offerings from Aware can be found on Aware’s website.

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Aware, a global leader in productized biometrics software products, solutions and services, provides critical biometric functionality to collect, manage, process, and match biometric images and data for identification and authentication. With their decades-long experience, Aware leads the market in liveness detection and multi-modal fusion to protect client and business processes through fingerprint, face, iris, and voice matching algorithms, mobile biometric capture and authentication software, a biometric workflow and middleware platform, and a fully-scalable ABIS. Their device-agnostic, integration-ready, and customer-managed products enable ease-of-use for enterprises to empower individuals to own their identities. Aware serves customers across a multitude of industries, including financial services, enterprise security, healthcare, human resources, citizen ID, border management, law enforcement, defense, and intelligence. Aware is a publicly held company (Nasdaq: AWRE) based in Bedford, Massachusetts. To learn more, visit or follow Aware on Twitter @AwareBiometrics.


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