Biometrics: The Most Powerful Weapon in the Law Enforcement Agencies’ Arsenal For Expedited Investigations

May 15, 2023   |    3 minute read

Aware showcases advanced identification technology designed for police departments, and interdepartmental information-sharing at IACP Tech Conference

BURLINGTON, MASS. – May 15, 2023 – In 2019, an attempted bombing at New York City’s Fulton Street subway station was successfully and expeditiously thwarted.  Through the use of facial recognition technology, it took only one hour to identify the suspect – a process that previously would have taken several hours or even days, and perhaps at that point, more damage would have been done. Moreover, many believe that the use of facial recognition could have expedited and solved the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy  investigation more efficiently, by aiding investigators who reportedly had to sift through 120,000 photos and nearly 13,000 videos before identifying the perpetrator.

There is simply no other form of authentication and identification as reliable and accurate as biometrics, with its unsurpassed utility being demonstrated time and time again. However, many law enforcement agencies are unable to implement advanced biometric authentication technology due to cost and resource barriers, hindering their ability to serve their communities at the highest level. These agencies also struggle with a lack of real-time information and access to crucial databases to identify and verify suspects, further slowing the investigative process.

“In the midst of staff shortages, safety concerns, and increased job demands, it’s crucial that law enforcement agencies have the technologies they need to ensure a safer community,” says Craig Herman, Aware’s chief revenue officer. “Biometrics is the most accurate identification tool at our disposal and is extremely important to police departments of all sizes, who can use them ethically and reliably as part of background checks, criminal investigations, and mass disaster identification. In addition, today’s biometric technologies enable strong inter-departmental collaboration – supporting searches for suspects at the local level as well as comprehensive regional collections in a single search/response transaction, enhancing speed in critical situations.”

To learn more in-person, Aware, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE) will be exhibiting at IACP Tech Conference, May 22-24, 2023 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, UT at booth #205. Aware will be showcasing its suite of products specifically designed for law enforcement agencies including AFIX Tracker, a multi-modal automated biometric identification system that includes fingerprint, palmprint, and facial searching capabilities and stands out in the market through the ability to cost effectively communicate and share data between neighboring police departments.

To learn more about Aware’s solutions, book an onsite meeting or stop by booth 205. To learn more without attending IACP Tech Conference, book a virtual meeting.

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Aware is a global authentication company that validates and secures identities using leading-edge adaptive biometrics. Aware’s offerings address the growing challenges that government and commercial enterprises face in knowing, authenticating and securing individuals through frictionless and highly secure user experiences. Now celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary as a leader in biometrics, Aware’s algorithms are based on diverse data sets from all over the world and can be tailored to the unique security needs of its customers. The company empowers users to have control over identities through clear, easy opt-in and opt-out features, helping them feel secure and improving their lives. Aware is a publicly held company (NASDAQ: AWRE) based in Burlington, Massachusetts. To learn more, visit or follow Aware on Twitter @AwareBiometrics.



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