What is AFIX Tracker?

AFIX Tracker is a Multi-Modal Automated Biometric Identification System that includes fingerprint, palmprint and facial* searching capabilities.  AFIX Tracker has been developed and updated with guidance from latent print examiners around the world for more than 25 years and has been deployed in hundreds of agencies worldwide.

AFIX Tracker Biometrics

*upgrade to AFIX Tracker FR required.   

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Face Recognition
  • AFIS Biometrics
  • Fully NIST/EFTS compliant

  • Distributed search engine technology provides complete search  performance and capability

  • Automatically conducts reverse searches of all new known records against latent prints and unknown faces

  • Utilizes AFIX Remote Search to collaborate with other agencies and conduct searches of Remote AFIX databases

  • Processes faces that are low resolution, occluded, off pose, poorly lit or feature a unique expression

  • Small face template size that saves hardware resources

  • Developed using convolutional neural networks and deep learning frameworks for improved face matching capability

Accurate and Reliable

Accurate and Reliable

Attested by hundreds of law enforcement agencies, crime labs and correctional facilities



Easy to install & maintain

Can support a wide array of database sizes and can easily expand

Easy to Use

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Training will equip users to fully utilize all system components



10 User-defined data fields in each grid

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