The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted longer than anyone imagined and has brought about different issues that greatly impact every business sector. The consumer demand for touchless solutions has increased the adoption rate of innovative technology. Additionally, the adoption of touchless solutions in this remote/shelter-in-place lifestyle has led to many cases of identity theft. As of August 2020 Statista reports that the global rate of identity theft risk has increased by 43%, since the coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, there has been a 25% surge in cyber-fraud as a result of the pandemic—and the number is expected to increase. As a result, governments are scrambling to protect their citizens by acquiring the best identity authentication solutions.  

What is Connect:ID?  

For government officials still searching to combat the increasing number in identity thefts, Connect:ID is the place to be. Connect:ID is a world class identity conference and exhibition, showcasing practical implementations of trusted identity solutions, and highlighting how disruptive technology and policy decisions are driving much needed change. It will be the one stop shop for knowledge, networking, and your chance to meet global leaders in the identity space. With over 100 speakers, this two-day event will be sure to have an offering that meets your needs.  From traveler identity to cybersecurity, Connect:ID will be the most comprehensive identity conference of the year.  

Our trusted leaders want to hear from you! 

Make sure your voice is heard! Tracy Hulver, Aware’s Sr. Director of Product Management – Digital Identity will be hosting a roundtable discussion on the adoption of remote identity proofing around the world. Join us to share your perspectives and hear from peers on why some geographical regions adopt the use of biometrics more than others.   

Also, if you missed CCO Rob Mungovan’s presentation on “Digital Identity Guidelines: An Introduction to NIST SP 800-63”, here is your second chance! On the 6th, Rob will be giving a 20-minute presentation with the opportunity for discussion after the presentation.   

Connect with us 

In addition to the presentation and round-table discussion, our trusted experts will be at booth 313 to address any identity questions and help you explore solutions to your authentication needs.  

Among the potential solutions, stop by to learn more about:  

  • Knomi®—a secure, convenient mobile biometric authentication framework for virtually any use case. From visitor management to employee onboarding, Knomi® is the solution for companies and organizations interested in remote onboarding and touchless authentication solutions.  
  • BioSP™ –a modular, open platform used to enable advanced biometric data processing and management functionality in a web services architecture.  
  • AwareABIS™ –biometric identification for any sized civil or law enforcement community. Its modular architecture supports fingerprint, face and iris recognition designed for 1-30 million identities.  

If you missed us at ConnectID, you can also learn more about Knomi®, BioSP™, AwareABIS™ on our website. Or, contact us below. 

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