Software components for biometric enrollment

BioComponents comprise Aware’s biometric enrollment application framework, and include a family of independent biometric enrollment software components. Each BioComponent is designed to enable rapid implementation of a robust browser-based biometric enrollment application with a high degree of configurability in terms of functionality and macro-workflow. Each BioComponent is modular, independent, and self-contained. They run in any modern browser and each operate independently and in concert, with each performing a specific biometric task. Each BioComponent has its own user interface, and performs all workflow and tasks required for biographic data capture and validation, biometric image capture and processing, hardware abstraction, quality assurance, and networking.

BioComponents are each provided with a proven reference “workflow”. The workflows can be configured or completely replaced. They run within a customer-designed UI allowing a custom application to be designed according to specific look and feel and business rules.

All BioComponents utilize APIs from Aware’s well-established and field-proven SDKs for underlying biometric functionality. They are designed to eliminate the need to program directly against Aware SDKs, but they include their own APIs to allow communication and data sharing with the main application. BioComponents are included in Aware’s Universal Registration Client (URC™) .NET enrollment application and WebEnroll, a browser-based biometric enrollment and data management solution.

BioComponents are particularly well-suited for supporting multiple different biometric enrollment applications from a single platform, with each having some different functionality requirements and constraints. Using BioComponents provides common capabilities, maintenance, and support, and yet enables simple configuration variations to accommodate the unique workflows of each application.