Knomi Mobile Biometrics

Harness the strength of biometrics for secure authentication anytime, anywhere.

Knomi is a framework that supports multi-modal biometrics face, voice, and document verification and authentication with very low friction that will help to protect your business against identity threats.

Biometric Liveness Detection

Multimodal Biometrics

Face, Voice

Document Verification

Document Capture, Document Validation

Multifactor Authentication

Capture, Liveness, Matching




Digital Onboarding   |   Enrollment   |   Digital Authentication  |  Account Access  |  Student Verification  |  Enterprise Digital Security  |  Digital Access Control   |   Biometric Checkout

We apply data science, machine learning, and AI to help our customers enroll, identify and authenticate individuals in line with business requirements!

Architectural support

Besides supporting a full range of mobile and server-based operating systems, the Knomi platform is available in device-centric, server-centric, and browser-based configurations.

Knomi Architecture

Aware really knows what they are doing, have a great product, and make you feel good working with them. They have a well-defined, modular technology so over time you can expand and adopt capabilities.

Senior Solution Architect, Enterprise Security

We are moving towards a digital transformation for the bank and Aware is a huge part of that. The support team is very helpful. Software, hardware, and vaporware – it’s real and it works.

Information Technology Officer, Financial Services
The application that we use with Aware has been a great asset to our onboarding process and I don’t know where I would be without it. Seemed like a no-brainer to reach out to the company that underpins all of the other solutions. Aware has got everything under one common infrastructure so we can take advantage of it within the product instead of having to be creative to make it work.
Senior Global IT Manager, Financial Services


Level 1
Level 2
SOC2 Certified

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