Aware CEO Bob Eckel & CCO Rob Mungovan on How Users Can Own and Control Their Identities

November is Face Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics: a four week deep-dive into the most popular, and controversial, biometric modality. That’s why on this episode of the ID Talk Podcast we are pleased to present ID Talk host Peter Counter’s interview with Bob Eckel, CEO of Aware, and Rob Mungovan, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer.

The conversation begins on the topic of biometric face authentication, how it can be bolstered by speaker recognition (as exemplified in Aware’s Knomi solution), and the importance of third party liveness detection testing. Talk shifts to the controversy surrounding face biometrics used for surveillance, and the best ways to educate the public about privacy, consent, and the safe uses of facial recognition technology.

Finally, they take a look at real life applications of face biometrics, specifically with the example of Aware’s recent Knomi integration with Marquis Software for the purposes of offender management in Arkansas.

It’s a fascinating conversation about a crucial topic in identity management and biometrics.