Garanti BBVA Case Study

The concept of branchless banking is not a new one. As the capabilities of networks and mobile devices have advanced over time, the convenience and ease of processing transactions on the go has practically made the concept of visiting a branch a foreign concept. Financial services companies and banks have made great strides in providing customers with remote access to their accounts in recent years, but there remains many processes and transactions that still require a branch visit, primarily when it comes to opening a new account.

Garanti BBVA was one such bank looking to address the concept of branchless banking head on. As one of the top banks in Turkey’s very competitive market, Garanti BBVA wanted to be able to reach new customers, cut down on operational costs, and take a leadership position in providing hassle-free banking services to its more than 15 million customers. The only remaining question was admittedly a complicated one: How to do it?