Year in Review: Aware CEO Bob Eckel on Biometrics and the Digital Security Arms Race

FindBiometrics is celebrating our 18th annual Year in Review event — a comprehensive analysis of the state of biometrics and digital identity, featuring interviews, industry survey data from over 900 respondents, featured articles, and of course: special episodes of the ID Talk Podcast.

That’s why on this special Year in Review episode of ID Talk we are proud to present FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World founder Peter O’Neill in conversation with Bob Eckel, CEO of Aware, Inc.

The conversation begins with a look back on 2020 — how Aware handled the rapid pivot to contactless biometrics sparked by the pandemic and how public perception of digital identity has changed in the past 12 months – before turning to topics of liveness, mobility and multimodality.

The interview concludes with a look ahead to 2021 and beyond: what opportunities we can expect to emerge and a sneak peek at what’s next for Aware.