Download: Presentation Attacks, Deepfakes and Morphs

White Paper Presentation Attacks, Deepfakes and Morphs It has always been of vital importance to protect the sensitive and valuable assets of organizations and their customers from outside threats and unwanted access. In today’s world, this is even more pronounced with identity theft at an all-time high level and data breaches increasing by 17%1 since 2020 alone. Passwords have typically formed the backbone of most access security authentication methods, but with 61% of data breaches taking place as a result of weak or stolen passwords2, organizations are looking for more secure alternatives. Biometric authentication, which takes advantage of a [...]

Download: No más contraseñas

White Paper No más contraseñas La pandemia de COVID-19 presentó nuevos desafíos a los negocios ya que se vieron obligados a adaptarse a un modelo operativo donde trabajar desde el hogar era la nueva normalidad. Estas condiciones de trabajo en casa produjeron una mayor dependencia en la tecnología y, sin la protección que ofrece la infraestructura de la oficina, muchos empleados quedaron expuestos a numerosos riesgos de ataques cibernéticos. Además, los empleados están experimentando un aumento de fatiga de contraseña como resultado de la necesidad de actualizar constantemente las mismas. A la luz de esta condición de cambio, los métodos [...]

Download: Ficando sem senha

Whitepaper Ficando sem senha A pandemia do COVID-19 criou novos desafios para as empresas, pois foram forçadas a se adaptar a um modelo operacional em que trabalhar em casa era o novo normal. Essas condições de trabalho em casa resultaram em maior dependência da tecnologia e, sem a segurança da infraestrutura do escritório, muitos trabalhadores foram expostos a um número maior de riscos de ataques cibernéticos. Além disso, os funcionários estão enfrentando uma fadiga crescente de senhas resultante da necessidade de atualizar constantemente as senhas. Dado esse estado de fluxo, os métodos de autenticação atuais não são suficientes para proteger [...]

Download: Going Passwordless

White Paper Going Passwordless The COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges for businesses as they were forced to adapt to an operating model where working from home was the new normal. These work from home conditions resulted in greater dependency on technology and without office infrastructure security, many workers have been exposed to an increased number of cyberattack risks. Additionally, workers are experiencing increased password fatigue resulting from the need to constantly update passwords. Given this state of flux, current authentication methods are just not enough to protect Download PDF here if you are having trouble viewing.https://www.aware.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Going-Passwordless_White-Paper_0522.pdf

Download: Improve Digital Onboarding Solutions with Biometrics

White PaperImprove Digital Onboarding Solutions with BiometricsPrior to the lockdown, companies were already looking to improve convenience for? their customers by giving them the option of digital onboarding. However, the COVID-19 pandemic created even more dependency on remote onboarding and mobile devices, increasing consumer demand for better digital onboarding solutions.To stay competitive in this environment, many businesses have had to adopt new strategies and practices.With increased consumer demand comes the need to ensure that the onboarding process can perform as a stand-alone function. Now more than ever, businesses need to enroll customer identities accurately and securely, without allowing malicious actors [...]

Download: Branchless Banking with Biometrics

White Paper Branchless Banking with Biometrics The world has truly gone digital. It is currently estimated that 3.8 billion people own a smartphone1, representing almost half of the entire world’s population. The rapid ascendance of smartphones around the world in recent years has upturned much of how we live our lives, from social media to online shopping. Banks and financial services companies have also had to adapt to this new digital landscape, providing their customers with new ways to access and manage their accounts. The arrival of COVID-19 only escalated these trends, greatly increasing overall demand for mobile-based financial [...]

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