Thomas County, GA Adopts AwareABIS™ Automated Biometric Identification System

November 16, 2021   |    5 minute read

With AwareABIS, Thomas County can identify suspected criminals locally instead of waiting for lengthy delays

BEDFORD, MASS. – November 16, 2021 – Aware, Inc., (NASDAQ: AWRE), a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, is pleased to announce that the Thomas County, GA sheriff’s office has installed its AwareABIS™ Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). Designed for ten-print, palm print, latent print and mug shot searches, AwareABIS enables law enforcement agencies with advanced forensic search, analysis and reporting. AwareABIS’s configurable architecture capability enables data interchange with other law enforcement systems—such as livescan booking stations and regional and state systems.

With AwareABIS, Thomas County law enforcement can now identify wanted individuals and search crime scene finger and palm prints faster than ever before. Thomas County can now obtain potential latent to ten-print or palm print matches locally within minutes, getting suspected criminals off the streets quickly and preserving the continued safety of its citizens. AwareABIS also expands the search capabilities of neighboring agencies who can leverage Thomas County’s matching system to expedite searches; helping to solve crimes and apprehend suspects more quickly.

“We are thrilled to have AwareABIS at our disposal,” said John Sellers, Thomas County’s lieutenant of forensics. “Getting a fingerprint match is time sensitive and now we’re able to get results within minutes. Having these fingerprint tools is extremely beneficial in keeping our citizens safe.”

AwareABIS was designed with the needs of the civil and law enforcement community in mind.

“There has long been a need for a new ABIS product in the market and we are happy to provide one to Thomas County,“ said Robert Mungovan, chief commercial officer at Aware. “With AwareABIS, Thomas County now has a biometric identification system that enables them to best manage and optimize their booking and forensic processes. They are not locked into expensive, long-term contracts and, of course, they benefit from the better control of their data and their workflows that AwareABIS provides.”

Owing to its flexible modular architecture, AwareABIS provides rich biometric search functionality for either criminal or civil applications. Configured for criminal applications, AwareABIS provides capabilities critical to law enforcement, such as comprehensive fingerprint or facial analysis and processing. This includes support for latent-palm print, latent-ten print, latent-unsolved latent searches and optional facial recognition. Advanced forensic face and fingerprint workstation applications provide the forensic specialist with rich analytics and report generation capability. Configured for civil applications, AwareABIS provides powerful biometric search capability through APIs that are well-designed and easy to use. The rich front-end capabilities provided through Aware’s client applications support a wide range of biometrics-enabled tasks for civil applications, from visa applications to border control. Organizations can also use custom applications to meet specific functional and project-specific requirements.

Key AwareABIS Features include:

  • Open integration: Leverage existing systems and infrastructure instead of replacing them
  • Customer data ownership: Control of, and access to, standard compliant biometric data is in the hands of the customer
  • Comprehensive reporting tools: Compelling reporting functionality reduces report generation time and risk
  • Examiner-focused user interface: Simple and intuitive interfaces to increase productivity
  • Accommodates new biometrics: Add new biometric identifiers such as face and voice easily, without software replacement
  • Ease of installation: Quick installation times result in a faster time to productivity
  • As the flagship offering under the AwareABIS family of products, AwareABIS is not Aware’s only biometric identification system available to customers.
  • AFIX Tracker™ is an automated fingerprint, palmprint and latent print identification solution designed for small and medium sized law enforcement agencies. Additionally, Aware’s Astra™ is a scalable, fault-tolerant and configurable matching subsystem that provides the speed and accuracy of
  • AwareABIS as a simple plug-in for businesses’ existing processes and workflows.

To learn more about AwareABIS, visit the website to review the offering in more detail, or request a demonstration.

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