Leading Forensic Science Facility, Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory/Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, Chooses AwareABIS™ to Solve Cases Faster and More Accurately

July 27, 2023   |    2 minute read

Five-Year Cloud-based Subscription Includes Mobile ID, Fingerprint Scanners for Intake and Release of Subjects

BURLINGTON, MASS. – Jul 27, 2023  – Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory/Montgomery County Coroner’s Office (OH) is a forensic science facility dedicated to assisting law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations. Today it announced its selection of cloud-based AwareABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) from Aware, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE) to assist in the accurate intake and release of subjects, helping solve more cases faster while increasing community protection.

“As a cloud-based solution, AwareABIS greatly alleviates our dependence on internal IT resources and physical hardware,” says Dr. Kent Harshbarger, Montgomery County Coroner. “AwareABIS is easy to use, and delivers fast, accurate fingerprint and palmprint identification, for the 70-member law enforcement agencies we serve. This is vital to our ability to crack cases quickly, identify the deceased, and ensure community safety.”

“As Aware’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based Aware ABIS contract, the implementation with Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory/Montgomery County Coroner’s Office also enhances our overall standing in the ABIS market,” says Craig Herman, chief revenue officer, Aware. “Aware’s technology is now being used to solve crime in 26 out of 50 states in the United States, and we are proud to provide the regional criminal justice community with the fastest, most foolproof tool for both identifying and exonerating suspects.”

AwareABIS supports fingerprint, face, and iris recognition for large-scale biometric identification. Designed to serve between 1-30 million identities or more, its modular architecture helps security teams configure and optimize the system for civil or criminal applications. AwareABIS is based on BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform), Aware’s market-leading workflow and integration server. AwareABIS supports the NIST-tested Nexa™ face, fingerprint, and iris matching algorithms, as well as fingerprint algorithms from third-party providers. AwareABIS also works with Astra™, an advanced cluster computing platform, to provide biometric record searching.

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