Biometrics Again Increase Security and Convenience in Healthcare Through Knomi in Secure Enrollment for EPCS

June 7, 2021   |    5 minute read

With Imprivata’s New Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances Solution, Aware Continues to Leverage Biometrics for Improved Patient Safety and Privacy in Today’s Healthcare Workflows

BEDFORD, Mass., June 07, 2021 — Aware, Inc., (NASDAQ: AWRE), a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, announces that its industry-leading biometric facial recognition liveness technology has been included in Imprivata’s new mobile healthcare solution that enables seamless self-enrollment by the prescribers of electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS). This first-to-market enrollment solution expands applications of Aware’s Knomi™ in the healthcare market, further illustrating the positive impact of biometrics in common healthcare use cases.

With global healthcare organizations having fully embraced electronic medical records (EMRs) over the past 10 years, the benefits of utilizing biometrics in healthcare workflows to improve security, compliance, and substantially simplify usability and workflow become clearer. While EMRs deliver many benefits, complying with EPCS mandates while ensuring physicians remain productive can be a complex undertaking. By relying on a person’s unique physical characteristics, biometrics provide an improved alternative to current workflows, increasing convenience for prescribers, bolstering security, and maintaining compliance with DEA requirements for EPCS.

“Aware’s biometric solutions have long been a natural fit for healthcare solutions, and we are pleased that Imprivata has embraced the increased security and convenience biometrics provide in their EPCS solution,” said Bob Eckel, president and chief executive officer at Aware. “As a company we have long strived to bring biometrics to life by incorporating them into any use case where trusted transactions are important, and healthcare is no exception.”

“Imprivata is leveraging advanced mobile recognition to simplify workflow and help prescribers and providers remain focused on their most important goal: delivering top-quality care,” said Gus Malezis, CEO at Imprivata. “This technology partnership with Aware allows us to deliver a solution that adheres to an increasing need for mobile, remote and virtual workflows, which requires a robust digital identity strategy. This application of mobile facial recognition bolsters cybersecurity while meeting DEA and other compliance requirements.”

Beyond the Imprivata partnership, Biometric solutions from Aware can be used in a variety of other healthcare environments, including patient identification and identity and access management (IAM):

  • Mobile Patient Registration: Healthcare professionals can register new patients securely and remotely or in person using biometrics for authentication, leveraging the cameras and microphones found in today’s mobile devices to onboard new patients virtually anywhere.
  • Patient Identification: Avoid the mistakes of patient misidentification—and the impacts of medical errors, incorrect prescriptions and duplicate records—by using a biometrics-as-a-service platform from Aware. Biometric data is much more secure than traditional authentication methods, and healthcare providers can leverage them to more accurately identify patients without having to rely on less secure alternatives.
  • Mobile Authentication: Biometrics are a more convenient and secure means to ensure legitimate access to healthcare records for both patients and caregivers. Mobile biometric authentication frameworks can record and identify facial and voice recognition data for password-free multifactor authentication on smartphones, replacing passwords for mobile app login or out-of-band authentication for browser access.
  • Identity Deduplication: Duplicate patient records can lead to healthcare treatment and medication errors. Biometric solutions can detect and merge duplicate patient records, making complete and accurate records available for caregivers, and greatly reducing the potential for treatment and medication errors.

To learn more about Aware’s industry-leading biometric identification and authentication offerings, visit Aware’s website.

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