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The Aware Partnership Program involves many of today’s leading identity and access management solution providers, and helps integrate industry-leading Aware solutions into widely available products and platforms.

The Aware Partnership Program conveys many benefits to partners.

It is an exceptionally low-risk/high-reward proposition with:

Aware reseller agreements provide simplified up-front negotiated terms and pricing, including:

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Aware does not engage in reseller agreements with just any other providers. Aware seeks low overlap to minimize channel conflicts, focuses on mutual success, and protects the value proposition of the relationship. Aware currently has partnership agreements with approximately 50 percent of today’s leading identity and access management solution providers.

Aware seeks to align with companies engaged in unique strategic initiatives and use cases like mobile authentication, identity and access management, print management, and event management. Aware gravitates toward innovative industries like healthcare, enterprise, manufacturing, education, transportation and logistics, and events and hospitality.

Aware seeks mutual, non-exclusive relationships; partners who want to use Aware technology as a primary offering for their solutions. To learn more about the Aware Partnership Program, please fill out this form: