The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of technology adoption in a matter of months. We have been forced to live farther apart—at least by 6 feet—and industries are rushing to keep up with consumer demand for health and safety concerns by offering a contactless experience. Due to the highly penetrable spread and lifespan of Covid, Delta and any other SARS virus variants, research suggests that surfaces need to be cleaned frequently in order to stop the spread. In areas where there is high foot-traffic, being contactless is imperative in helping to lower the transmission rate and meet the consumer demand for technologies that enhance hygiene.  

A contactless example:

Entering the United States According to the U.S Customs & Border Protection, upon arrival at a select destination, the individual is scanned for a photo that will be compared to the traveler’s existing passport or ID photo in secure DHS systems to biometrically verify their identity. If a traveler cannot be matched to a photo on record through facial biometrics, the traveler will proceed through the traditional inspection process consistent with existing requirements for admission into the United States. 

Since September 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has leveraged facial biometrics to prevent more than 850 impostors using genuine travel documents from illegally entering the United States at air and land ports of entry. As we build back the travel industry, biometric technology will play an increasingly important role in ensuring a modern and more secure and efficient travel system for all,” said U.S. Travel Association Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy Tori Emerson Barnes during a recent U.S Custom & Border press release. 

The contactless experience is already being offered at select airports, as well as 12 seaports located in the United States. Additionally, owners are increasingly working to bring the contactless experience to large-scale venues such as movie theatres, hospitals and sporting events. 

The technology behind the contactless experience  

We aren’t strangers to the technology…You know when you look at your phone or laptop and it just unlocks? The technology that allows you to forget your password  is biometric technology. Essentially, biometric technology consists of body measurements and calculations related to unique human characteristics. The main modalities of  biometric technology are: face, fingerprint or palm, voice, and iris or retina.  

Benefits of contactless technology

Besides being able to forget your password or go keyless, the greatest benefit to biometric technology is the increased security it provides. As mentioned above, biometrics use a person’s unique physical characteristics to provide authentication, making it a more secure method than your theft-prone passwords. It poses as the solution to the growing interest in utilizing touchless, non-human to human based processes because it doesn’t require any keystrokes or shared touchpoints.  It’s touchless, germ-less and easy to use. It can even reduce wait times while helping reinforce social distancing guidelines.  

Our contactless solutions

 Aware can help companies implement touchless technology to address the increasing need for contactless authentication solutions. 

The Knomi® mobile biometric authentication platform uses mobile devices and browsers to provide a trusted registration process and authenticate users safely, securely and conveniently. With industry-leading face and voice recognition, passive liveness detection, and flexible device-, server-, and browser-based options, Knomi is a secure, convenient customer onboarding and authentication platform for virtually any use case.  

Companies and organizations interested in touchless authentication solutions can expect the following use cases and benefits with Knomi:  

Visitor management: 

Enroll and authenticate visitors and employees securely, conveniently and safely with Aware’s touchless, biometrically-powered visitor and employee management solutions. With Aware, visitor management providers can use existing devices or kiosks to conduct biometric matching and liveness detection at check-in, providing a safe, secure and convenient visitor and employee experience.   

Border and transportation management: 

Authenticate and process travelers quickly and frictionlessly without the need for shared touchpoints. Knomi’s industry-leading face and voice matching and liveness is highly secure and entirely contactless, providing increased security and peace of mind for travelers and authorities alike.  

Venue access management: 

Welcome visitors to large-scale venues conveniently and touchlessly with biometrically-powered onboarding and authentication solutions from Aware. Enable secure, streamlined access to popular locations such as concert halls and sports arenas without the need for physical tickets or long lines, and provide a more convenient option for age-dependent purchases with built-in identity assurance.  

For more information about Knomi, please contact us or visit our webpage.