Biometric enrollment application optimized for Android tablets

URC|Mobile™ is a software application for capturing fingerprint and facial images on an Android tablet using its onboard camera and an integrated fingerprint capture device. It is designed to be used by an enrollment attendant for rapid capture and quality assurance of biometric data and submission to a centralized biometric database for enrollment, search, or authentication. URC|Mobile is best suited for an environment where mobility beyond a desktop is useful, or where a more economical client platform than can be supported with a desktop solution.

URC|Mobile consists of a user interface for capture of biographics, fingerprint, and face, and utilizes Aware software libraries found in the mobile version of the following SDKs:

  • PreFace Mobile – facial image autocapture, quality assurance, and optimization
  • LiveScan API Mobile – fingerprint image capture and device abstraction
  • NISTPack Mobile – file structuring and validation
  • WSQ1000 Mobile – fingerprint image compression