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Nexa|Iris™ – Iris Recognition Software

Biometric Algorithms and SDKs for Iris Recognition and Authentication

Nexa|Iris™ is a high-performance iris recognition and authentication algorithm.

Nexa SDKs provide biometric algorithms for fast and accurate biometric identification and authentication. They are reliable, configurable, and easy to use, complemented by a level of technical support that has helped make Aware a trusted provider of high-quality biometric enrollment and workflow software for over twenty years.

Nexa SDKs are designed to be easily configured towards optimization of a system for a given application, database, computing platform, and operational environment. They include configuration tools that help quantify system performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and continuously optimize the system.

Nexa SDKs can be deployed on the Astra™ Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), a scalable biometric recognition and authentication platform that enables cluster computing optimized for rapid biometric search of extremely large databases, high-volume biometric authentication, as well as identity resolution.

Aware’s SequenceCheck, PreFace, and IrisCheck SDKs can be used in concert with Nexa libraries to perform optional quality assurance and preprocessing for enhanced fingerprint, face, and iris search functionality and performance.

Iris Recognition Software and Authentication

Enhanced features with IrisCheck™ SDK

  • Segmentation configuration
  • ISO/IEC 29794-6 quality scoring
  • Support for all NIST KIND formats
Learn about Nexa|Iris™ Used with Astra™ ABIS


  • Iris recognition
  • Iris authentication
  • Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)
  • Border management
  • Know Your Customer
  • Citizen ID and voting systems
  • Border management
  • Law enforcement
  • Defense
  • Employee screening


  • Fast, accurate, multistage facial recognition algorithms
  • Well-designed, easy-to-use APIs
  • Fully scalable and extensible
  • Highly configurable and tunable for performance optimization
  • Fully leverages multicore processor power
  • Human-interpretable match scores that estimate false match likelihood
  • Portable between client and server hardware and OS, and database platforms
  • Support for all major image formats
  • Enhanced functionality with optional Aware image preprocessing and QA SDKs
  • C, .NET, JNI, and Web Service interfaces
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux
  • 1:1 biometric match, 1:many biometric search, deduplication
  • Human-interpretable match and confidence scores

API Functionality


  • Subject add, update, and delete
  • Automatic unique subject ID generation
  • Accept preprocessed image/metadata objects from other Aware SDKs


  • Match score from 1:1 comparison between two subjects or probe and selected subject
  • Match score(s) from 1:many comparison between probe and full gallery


  • Tools for performance optimization based on:
    – Database size/quality
    – RAM/CPU
    – Target speed/accuracy