Biometric iris image quality analysis and iris camera abstraction

IrisCheck™ is a software development kit (SDK) used for automated quality analysis and compliance assurance of biometric iris images. It performs advanced analysis and image processing to assign quality scores, detect non-compliant features, and perform JPEG 2000 compression according to the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standard. IrisCheck operates equivalently with different iris cameras from different vendors, enabling an enrollment application to operate independently from cameras and matchers.

IrisCheck Screenshot


Features & Functionality

IrisCheck performs several analyses to assign a quality score to each image based on the following characteristics derived from ISO/IEC 29794-6:

  • Iris characteristics and geometry
  • Pupillary dilation
  • Iris eccentricity
  • Pupil/iris displacement ratio
  • Eyelid occlusion
  • Off-axis gaze angle
  • Contrast
  • Usable iris area
  • Resolution (e.g. iris radius in pixels)
  • Anomalies and non-compliant features
  • Degree of focus blur
  • Degree of motion blur
  • Patterned contact likelihood
  • Degree of shadow attenuation
  • Degree of specularity

IrisCheck applies advanced image processing algorithms to optimize the image for matching and ensure compliance:

  • Specularity removal
  • Pupil segmentation
  • Iris segmentation
  • Parametric curve fitting
  • Eyelash detection
  • Shadow detection

IrisCam API

IrisCam API is a software library included in the SDK that provides abstraction of several market leading iris cameras. Support for new cameras is added in subsequent revisions of the SDK as they become available. It enables the same enrollment application to be used with the different cameras over time and across the system. An up-to-date list of iris cameras supported by IrisCam API is available upon request.