Advanced text-based identity data search, analytics, and quality

Inquire™ is a software development kit that performs fuzzy text-based filtering, searching, matching, and linking functions towards discovery of useful information in identity data. Analysis of text-based identity data is naturally complementary to biometric verification and identification, and Inquire is optimized for processing and analysis of data that includes biometrics.

Inquire provides many advanced text matching comparison algorithms and flexibility in how matching algorithms behave (e.g. thresholds, data definitions). It can be used to perform advanced analysis of text-based identity data for several useful investigative applications including data analysis and quality assurance, data integration, identity resolution, and link analysis. Inquire is fully scalable, with infrastructure that automatically determines processing resources and optimizes their utilization.


Inquire performs comparisons between text fields in identity records, such as names, addresses, and other biographic identity data. It can be configured to recognize common variations in spellings and formats to improve the performance and reliability of identity search and filter processes.
Fuzzy Name Match


Inquire can be used to identify potentially fraudulent identity information in a biometric database based on the content of multiple fields and attributes. For example, a name that changes due to marriage or an address that changes due to a move can be noted as a biographic match, while an identity demonstrating potentially fraudulent content can be automatically highlighted as requiring further investigation.
Biographic Data Matching


  • Identity data quality analysis and cleanup
  • Data integration
  • Identity resolution
  • Link analysis for relationship discovery
  • Probabilistic (fuzzy) text search and match
  • Name and address matching
  • Biometric search pre-filtering
  • Soft biometrics


  • Data quality analysis and repair
  • Identity record search
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Biometric identification pre/post-filtering
  • Know your customer / know your employee


  • Quantitative similarity scoring and ranking
  • Customizable dictionaries and link rules
  • Well-designed, easy-to-use APIs
  • Fully scalable and extensible
  • Portable between client and server hardware and OS, database platforms
  • C, .NET Assembly, and JNI interfaces, error codes, sample program source code

Biometric search filtering

Inquire can be used to pre-filter or post-filter a biometric search based on fuzzy matching of text-based fields, including biographic information or “soft biometrics” such as hair color, eye color, height, weight, and age.

Identity data analysis and quality assurance

Assuring the quality and integrity of identity data is vital to its effective use, and so should be performed as an integral part of an identity system. Inquire can be used to assess the quality and integrity of identity data, including data that contains biometrics. It can be used to detect errors such as typos, misspellings, as well as biometric false matches, non-matches, and crosslinks.

Data integration and identity resolution

Inquire performs integration of identity data records across databases, linking attributes and encounters associated with a particular individual to a single identity record. Inquire uses fuzzy text comparison algorithms to link and merge data records, and accommodates artifacts such as misspellings, name variations, and address changes. Once the data sources are resolved, a user can perform queries and generate a comprehensive multidimensional view of an individual’s biographic information and activities.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Link analysis for relationship discovery

Inquire performs link analysis that visualizes identity data to reveal non-obvious relationships between individuals and other entities.