FBI-Certified printing of digital fingerprint records

AccuPrint is an SDK for FBI-certified printing of high-quality digitized fingerprint images using consumer-grade laser printers. AccuPrint can print a single fingerprint image, palm image, or an entire agency specific tenprint card with text and graphics.  When used with certain 1200 dpi laser printers, AccuPrint is FBI-certified as compliant with Appendix F Printer Specifications. As a stand-alone library, AccuPrint accepts uncompressed fingerprint images as TIF, BMP, or raw image files. It processes each image separately and generates a new, high-quality, image suitable for printing.

Quality comparison: The image on the left has been printed with the Microsoft Windows native printing process. The live scanned image on the right has been processed and printed with AccuPrint.

AccuPrint with NISTPack: A Full “NIST File to Printed Card” Solution

When AccuPrint is used with NISTPack, it provides an elegant solution that generates a printed tenprint card from the contents of an ANSI/NIST compliant transaction file or an FBI EFTS file. NISTPack parses the NIST file, WSQ decompresses the fingerprint and palm images, and JPEG decompresses mug shot or scar/mark/tattoo images.

AccuPrint receives the image and text data from NISTPack and prints each fingerprint image to a specified location on an 8×8 card or to standard paper stock. It prints the card graphics and demographic data from the Type-1, Type-2, and Type-10 records into user-specified locations on the tenprint card.

AccuPrint Screen

The print preview of the AccuPrint “PrintCard” utility showing a tenprint card. AccuPrint generates all text and graphics. Demographic data is mapped from the NIST file to the correct location on the card. The source code to this utility program is provided as part of the SDK.

AccuPrint Screen

The print preview of the AccuPrint “PrintCard” utility showing a palm print card. When used with NISTPack, the palm image is extracted out of the Type-15 record, decompressed, and printed by the AccuPrint engine.


Features and Functionality

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