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Border Management

Aware biometric software solutions are used toward several different aspects of visitor screening and border management. Aware solutions perform biometric search against watch lists upon a visitor’s visa application, and biometric verification upon their arrival at the border. It is also used to personalize and read travel documents such as e-passports.

Border Management Solutions

In a typical system, Aware software is used to:

  • automate collection, formatting and validation of high-quality fingerprints, facial biometrics, and biographic data according to global standards,
  • perform biometric searches upon passport/visa application and border crossing,
  • implement centralized workflows for data sharing between disparate systems,
  • and provide custom reports on metrics such as biometric image quality and transaction throughput, useful for system diagnostics and monitoring.

Universal Registration Client (URC) is a biometric enrollment application used to automate the collection of high-quality fingerprint and face biometrics and other information. It can be easily configured to satisfy custom data collection and workflow requirements. BioComponents are .NET controls that run within the URC application to perform discrete, modality-specific workflows and functions including capture hardware abstraction.

BioSP aggregates enrolled data submitted from the workstations, performs configurable workflows to process and distribute the data, and integrates with other systems to share data and receive search result responses.

Biometric Solutions for Border Management

Visa applicant screening

For visa applicant screening, URC operates on workstations at consulates for visa applications and also at border checkpoints. FingerprintComponent and PhotoComponent operate as controls within URC or WebEnroll to perform fingerprint and face autocapture.

BioSP is used to manage biometric transaction submissions to an AFIS for biometric search of a criminal database or watch list and subsequent results response. It can also be used to manage biometric verifications of the visitor upon their arrival at a border checkpoint.

Visa Applicant Screening

Document authentication

For document authentication, URC is used for collection of biometric images and other data from a traveler at a controlled entryway or border checkpoint. FingerprintComponent and PhotoComponent run within URC or WebEnroll to perform autocapture of fingerprint and face biometrics. AwareXM is used to perform biometric comparison between a person’s fingerprints and those stored on their credential or in a central database.

BioSP aggregates enrolled data submitted from the workstations at the border crossing. It also implements workflows to process and send the transactions to a case management system. Administrators can use a browser to query, view, edit, print, and create reports on data, such as on throughput and biometric image quality.

Border Management Resources

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