Biometric Enrollment SDKs

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LiveScan API

This SDK provides fingerprint capture device abstraction though a common API. It supports more than forty single-finger, multi-finger and palm capture devices. It is ideal for fingerprint identification and verification applications where multiple high-quality, standards-compliant fingerprints must be collected within strict time constraints.


This SDK automatically captures and analyzes biometric facial images in order to maximize their quality and “matchability.” It helps biometric enrollment applications automate facial image capture, and ensures images comply with ISO standards and can be used biometric matching. Image scaling, rotation, and cropping meets highly configurable thresholds derived from the ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard for biometric facial image quality.


This SDK provides automated quality analysis and compliance assurance for biometric iris images. It performs advanced analysis and image processing to assign quality scores, detect non-compliant features, and perform JPEG 2000 compression according to the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standard. IrisCheck operates equivalently with different iris cameras from different vendors.


This API provides matching and image quality measurement for multi-finger live scan and card scan systems. It is designed for applications that require a high level of fingerprint image quality assurance.


This SDK facilitates reading, writing, viewing, editing, and validating biometric data transactions in compliance with ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000, -2007, -2011, and 2-2008 standards. NISTPack ensures biometric images are properly compressed, demographic data is included in the correct format, and the resulting object is properly constructed for data interchange between standards-based biometric systems.


This SDK facilitates formatting, validating, and parsing biometric, biographic, and security object data in compliance with FIPS 201 and companion documents SP 800-76 and SP 800-73. PIVPack includes Security Library and Smart Card Library, a NIST-certified PIV Middleware API. PIVPack can incorporate data formatting and security functionality into PIV registration, personalization, and card reader applications. It can also create equivalent XML files.


This add-on module for NISTPack works with consumer-grade flatbed scanners to scan and digitize paper FBI-certified tenprint cards. The FBI requires EFTS IQS (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification—Image Quality Specification) compliance for fingerprint card scanning solutions.


This SDK provides FBI-certified printing for high-quality digitized fingerprint images using consumer-grade laser printers. AccuPrint can print a single fingerprint image, palm image, or an entire agency specific tenprint card with text and graphics. When used with certain 1200 dpi laser printers, AccuPrint is FBI-certified as compliant with Appendix F Printer Specifications. As a stand-alone library, it can accept uncompressed fingerprint images as TIF, BMP, or raw image files.

Aware WSQ1000

This SDK provides FBI-certified Wavelet Scalar Quantization (WSQ) compression for fingerprint images. WSQ is a wavelet-based compression standard designed and specified by the FBI for compression of high-resolution, 500 ppi grayscale fingerprint images. Aware WSQ1000 includes JPEG 2000 compression for 1000 ppi images and efficient transcoding between WSQ and JPEG 2000.

FIDO® Suite

This family of SDKs for mobile biometric authentication are certified conformant with the specifications of the FIDO Alliance and interoperable with other FIDO-certified products. The Aware Face and Face+Voice Authenticators are UAF v1.1 Level 1 FIDO® Certified.

Mobile SDKs

Most of Aware’s SDKs are available for mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android. They provide the same functionality as the Windows versions, and include documentation and reference applications specific to mobile operating systems.

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