Biometric Applications

Universal Registration Client (URC)

This configurable Windows-based .NET application uses BioComponents™ and Aware SDKs to perform biometric data capture, analysis, matching, formatting, and hardware abstraction. All BioComponents operate within the URC.


This application captures fingerprint and facial images on an Android tablet using its onboard camera and an integrated fingerprint capture device for enrollment, search, or authentication.

URC|Mobile uses Aware software libraries in the following mobile SDKs:

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FormScannerSE™ and FormScannerMB™

This pair of applications scans and processes inked fingerprint cards. FormScannerSE is designed for one-at-a-time, assisted “scan and entry” fingerprint card processing. FormScannerMB is designed for “multi-batch” automated scanning of large volumes of cards, and provides high-volume processing features such as support for automatic document feeding and real-time image quality feedback. Both can automatically identify and crop finger images, perform quality analysis, segmentation, sequence checking, compression, and data structuring as ANSI/NIST-ITL Type-4 or Type-14, and (optional) Type-20 records. They each use Aware’s AccuScan, NISTPack, and SequenceCheck SDKs.


WorkbenchSuite is a family of .NET workstation applications (available individually) for analyzing, repairing, and processing digital biometric images and data. Each has a workflow configured to assist analysts with specific tasks, including:


This family of independent software components is designed to facilitate browser-based biometric enrollment applications. Each BioComponent is modular, independent, and self-contained. They run in any modern browser and can operate independently or in concert, with each performing a specific biometric task. Each has its own user interface, and performs all workflows and tasks required for biographic data capture and validation, biometric image capture and processing, hardware abstraction, quality assurance, and networking.


This SDK performs fuzzy text-based filtering, searching, matching, advanced text matching comparison, and linking functions within identity data. Analyzing text-based identity data complements biometric verification and identification, and Inquire is optimized to process and analyze data that includes biometrics.

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