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Aware provides software and solutions for government-sponsored, biometrics-enabled citizen identification and credentialing systems, such as for e-passports, national ID cards, and voter registration and elections. Features of the solution includes .NET or browser-based biometric enrollment and duplicate search, support for fingerprint, face, and iris biometrics, highly-scalable biometric search, stateful application processing workflow, and advanced analytics for automated data integration, identity data cleaning, and automated ID record comparison.

Citizen ID solutions are enabled by the AwareABIS™. Fingerprint, face, and/or iris enrollment and duplicate search are supported. AwareABIS™ is comprised of BioSP, Astra, and Nexa.  BioSP is a modular, configurable workflow and middleware platform used for server-or cloud-based functions, including data management, workflow, and subsystem connectivity. Astra with Nexa fingerprint, face, and iris matching SDKs perform biometric search of large databases. Inquire is an advanced text search and analytics tool used to clean identity data and automatically detect identity data inconsistencies. Astra is used to accelerate search and processing of very large identity databases. ICAOPack is used to personalize e-passports.

Citizen ID Solutions

ID Talk Podcast: David Benini on Biometrics in Government and Aware’s “Open ABIS”

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It’s Government Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics so for the latest episode of the ID Talk Podcast, host Peter Counter spoke with David Benini, Vice President, Marketing and Product, at Aware. Listen to the latest episode of the ID Talk Podcast: The in-depth conversation begins on the topic of what we talk about when we talk about government [...]

Civil ABIS for Citizen ID and Border Management 

2019-11-14T12:11:43-05:00By |

A civil ABIS (automated biometric identification system) stores and searches biometric data enrolled from a civilian population for applications such as citizen credentialing and border management. Its purpose is to compare one biometric sample (e.g. fingerprint, face, or iris) to those of everyone else in one or more databases in order to retrieve that record [...]

PODCAST: Aware’s David Benini Talks On-Device Biometrics & Enterprise Security

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An expert conversation on the death of the password, biometric liveness detection, and the future of identity in the workplace. It’s On-Device Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics, a five-week deep dive on the authentication paradigm that’s killing passwords. That’s why, in the latest episode of The FindBiometrics & Mobile ID World Podcast, host Peter Counter sits down with David Benini, [...]

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What is Biometrics as a Service? Benefits and Use Cases

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Infographic Biometrics-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions from Aware are an attractive alternative to traditional biometric software models. This technology allows organizations of all types - from governments to telecommunications companies - to quickly deploy and start using biometrics technology in their day-to-day identity management operations. In other words, with BaaS, you [...]

Biometric Data Interoperability Challenges Rise with Worldwide Adoption

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“The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from.” -Andrew Tanenbaum. As the biometrics market continues to mature, two phenomena become increasingly apparent. First, more and more institutions choose to adopt biometrics as an enhancement to their business. Secondly, these institutions seek to make use of existing standards for data [...]

Biometrics Untethered – Capture and Search with Better Accessibility and Ergonomics

2019-11-14T12:24:36-05:00By |

Mobile technology has revolutionized many industries, and biometrics is one of them. As biometric authentication on handsets has become ubiquitous, the impact of its adoption has impacted biometrics beyond consumer applications. The mass-market scale of biometric authentication is driving useful technology improvements into biometric enrollment for search. One example is sensors. It wasn’t that long [...]

Improving Mobile Biometric Identification with Hardware Abstraction

2019-11-14T12:24:53-05:00By |

Biometrics have continued the inevitable migration from the desktop device to the mobile device. Both the mobile industry and the biometric industry have continued to strive for smaller and more capable devices. The past few years have seen the accelerated adoption of biometrics on mobile devices. Most recently, iris biometrics have been added to Samsung [...]

Improving Biometric Search Performance with Intramodal Fusion

2019-11-14T12:25:01-05:00By |

We often hear about the benefits and applications of “multimodal” biometrics; the use of different biometric modalities together (e.g. fingerprint and face) to increase the performance and enrollment flexibility of biometric search and match solutions. There are cases where going multimodal is an ideal solution, but others where it’s not an attractive option. The benefits [...]

Biometric Database Interoperability for Fraud Prevention in LATAM

2019-11-14T12:27:16-05:00By |

Latin America (LATAM) is one of the most culturally rich and diverse regions in the world; a melting pot that combines native traditions with a perpetual influx of people from all corners of the world. Unfortunately, the diversity of its identity is matched by that of its identity credentials, and the opportunities for fraud it [...]