Comprehensive product offering

Granular SDKs or complete solutions

Well-designed, reliable, easy-to-use software

Capture device and matcher independence

Smart workflows and high-performance algorithms

Thousands of deployments globally

Collaborative technical support

Lower total cost of ownership

Biometrics Software Products

Aware offers a comprehensive portfolio of COTS biometric software products, including SDKs, .NET controls, and applets; browser- and Windows-based enrollment applications; biometric matching SDKs for fingerprint, face, and iris; advanced text matching and analytics SDKs; a biometric middleware server platform and a cluster computing platform for biometric matching. Our products are independent of capture hardware and matching algorithms, field proven, easy to use, and well supported.
Software development kits that fulfill a variety of functions critical to the capture and digitization of high-quality, standards-compliant biometric fingerprint, face, and iris images and associated data. They can operate on workstations and mobile devices.
Software development kits that implement fast, accurate fingerprint, face, and iris matching for biometric search (identification) and match (verification/authentication).
Software development kits that apply advanced text comparison algorithms for filter, search, match, and link. The SDKs can be applied to searching and filtering of identity data and more advanced identity resolution and link analysis functions.
Software components that embody Aware SDKs into .NET controls and Java applets towards rapid development of a custom .NET or browser-based biometric enrollment application. “BioComponents” utilize Aware enrollment SDKs, apply “micro workflows”, and provide a user interface.
Aware provides .NET- and browser-based biometric enrollment applications based either on Aware’s “BioComponents”. They support biographic data capture and validation, and autocapture of livescan fingerprints, fingerprint cards, face, and iris biometrics.
Aware provides several workstation software applications that utilize Aware SDKs to enable an examiner, analyst, or operator to perform data analysis and processing of biometric images and biographic data.
Aware’s Biometric Services Platform (BioSP™) is a modular service-oriented middleware platform that performs a variety of centralized tasks and functions critical to a biometric system, including workflow, transaction processing, reporting, subsystem integration, reporting, and user administration. BioSP can be a “bolt-on” to legacy AFIS/ABIS, e-passport, and card management workflows.
Cluster Computing Platform
Astra™ is a highly scalable cluster computing platform that distributes biometric and text comparison operations across multiple computing nodes. It optimizes broadly-used open source infrastructure for large-scale biometric search and identity analytics tasks.

Biometrics Solutions and Services

Aware’s capabilities span a broad spectrum, ranging from COTS biometric SDKs to software engineering services to complete custom biometric solutions. For this reason, our role on a given project can be scaled to fulfill whatever functionality and tasks are optimally outsourced by our customer. Our biometric solutions are built upon granular COTS components that are capture hardware- and matching algorithm-agnostic, enabling ease-of-maintenance, flexibility, and lower cost-of-ownership.

Aware has developed a wealth of knowledge and best practices from years of experience deploying complex biometric software into real world environments. Our Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) provides a modular, configurable, scalable, and secure service-oriented platform to develop custom enterprise solutions.
Aware COTS software components often interface with other standard and non-standard software products and platforms. Aware can quickly configure our software to properly interface with a wide range of other system components.
Customers often have unique requirements and must-haves that can be key to solution success. Aware can help customers quickly demonstrate, develop, and incorporate these custom features, differentiating their offering in an impactful way.
Aware provides several biometric applications, and we customize them according to specific customer requirements. For example, our Universal Registration Client (URC) biometric enrollment workstation application can be modified to reflect the workflow or functional requirements of a particular end user.
Aware offers comprehensive technical assistance and support to developers, acting as an on-demand extension of development engineering staff. Aware can help a development team to learn, utilize, and integrate Aware software solution components into their own application and workflow to maximize the utility of the features and functionality of Aware software, improving and differentiating their own offerings in the process.
The software installation phase is a critical moment of the solution implementation. A smooth launch helps ensure overall project success. Aware can provide crucial expertise towards problem resolution during this short but important time.
The effectiveness of a solution is impacted if not properly utilized by the end user. Aware can assist with training with in-person seminars, formal training, train-the-trainer programs, and extensive documentation to share industry and Aware best practices.
Aware software engineering personnel are experienced in delivering biometrics software for a variety of applications. Aware SMEs work hand-in-hand with customers to develop proposals and solutions that translate technical, financial, and operational requirements into a comprehensive solution. Aware is a contributor to the biometric standards developed by NIST, INCITS, and ISO, and actively participates in NIST, M1, and SC 37 meetings and document development; Aware brings this important and time sensitive expertise to its projects.

Software Product Highlights

Universal Registration Client (URC™)

Universal Registration Client (URC™)

.NET application utilizing BioComponents for biometric fingerprint, face, and iris enrollment

Biometric Services Platform (BioSP™)

Biometric Services Platform (BioSP™)

Middleware for workflow, subsystem integration, and transaction processing

Nexa search and match


Biometric algorithm SDKs for fingerprint, face, and iris search and match

BioComponents enrollment applications


.NET controls and Java applets for biometric fingerprint, face, and iris enrollment applications

Astra™ Cluster Computing Platform


Cluster computing platform for highly scalable biometric search and match

SDKs for advanced text search


SDK for advanced text search, identity analytics, and data cleanup

Aware is a leading global provider of biometrics software products, services, and solutions. Our products include all the software components necessary to rapidly and cost-effectively build a solution to collect, manage, and utilize identity data for biometric identification and verification: SDKs, controls and applets; user interface applications for biometric enrollment and forensic analysis; fingerprint, face, and iris matching SDKs; text search and identity analytics SDKs; a middleware and workflow platform; and a cluster computing platform. These products fulfill critical biometric functionality for a variety of applications including border management, law enforcement, defense, intelligence, banking, and payments. Aware is a publicly held company (NASDAQ: AWRE) based in Bedford, Massachusetts.