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Using biometric authentication to elevate enterprise security

Biometric authentication in the enterprise?
It’s just a matter of time

Mobile biometric authentication is officially here to stay. Most of today’s leading devices come with native biometric sensors, and virtually all have cameras, microphones and touchscreens that can be used for biometric authentication.

Consumers have embraced this transformation; 86 percent have shown interest in biometric authentication according to research by Visa. Passwords, PINs, and knowledge-based authentication are steadily losing ground to biometrics as a primary means of authentication among personal users.

Biometric adoption among enterprise users has moved more slowly, in large part because the biometric functionality and user experience offered natively on devices varies by vendor and model and can’t be controlled; it’s a black box. This makes using them for high-security applications more difficult.

This challenge can be addressed by implementing biometrics that utilize the generic sensors of the devices: the camera, microphone and touchscreen. This way, an enterprise can apply biometric security across all devices, and wield control over the functionality, user experience and performance.

Enterprises are already adopting phone-as-a-token approaches to multifactor authentication; the basic infrastructure for enterprise biometrics already exists. The convenience and security benefits make biometric authentication for the enterprise look less like a possibility and much more like an eventual certainty.

Biometric Authentication for Enterprise Security