Biometric enrollment and data management

WebEnroll provides browser-based biometric enrollment and data management. It greatly simplifies the processes of deploying, managing, and maintaining biometric enrollment software, and is particularly effective for large and geographically distributed environments.

AwareABIS - Automated Biometric Identification System

Apply Biometrics for Enrollment

WebEnroll™ is built on BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform), Aware’s advanced biometric middleware platform. It uses BioComponents™, a family of server-based components for biographic data, fingerprint, and facial image capture and compliance assurance.

The BioComponents collect and validate biographic data, auto-capture fingerprint and facial images, and provide capture device abstraction. Once it captures data and images, BioSP provides transaction processing, routing, and storage. Add biometric verification or identification with Nexa, any of several third-party solutions, or an external matching service.

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