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Browser-based biometric enrollment and data management

WebEnroll is the market-leading solution for browser-based biometric enrollment and data management. It greatly simplifies the deployment, management, and maintenance of biometric enrollment workstation software as compared to thick-client applications, and is particularly effective for large and geographically distributed deployments.

WebEnroll™ is built upon BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform), the most advanced and widely deployed biometric middleware platform available. It utilizes a product called BioComponents™, which is a family of server-based software components that operate within a browser for capture and compliance assurance of biographic data, fingerprints, and facial images.

Each BioComponent performs either biographic data collection and validation, fingerprint image autocapture, or face autocapture, as well as capture device abstraction. Once data and images are captured, they are submitted to BioSP, where configurable workflows and modular software applications are used for processing, routing, and storage of each transaction. Biometric verification or identification can be added with Nexa or one of several third-party matchers integrated with BioSP, or an external matching service.

Case Study

CASE STUDY | The World’s Largest Employer Uses a Web-Based Platform for Biometric Identity Proofing

The US Department of Defense uses Aware’s WebEnroll™ platform on 3,500 workstations for browser-based biometric enrollment and data management to make their background check system more secure and its maintenance more efficient.

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Biometric enrollment in a browser application - fingerprints

Biometric enrollment in a browser application – fingerprints

Biometric enrollment in a browser application - face

Biometric enrollment in a browser application – face

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Features and Functionality

  • Substantial simplification of software application distribution, maintenance, and support
  • Flexibility to upgrade to browser-based while using existing fingerprint scanners
  • No personally identifiable information (PII) stored on the workstation
  • Most recent client software version distributed and loaded automatically
  • Support for fingerprint live scan, fingerprint card scan, and face
  • Integrated NIST data validation and file formatting

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