Biometrics has been a staple in law enforcement for centuries, with fingerprinting being the godfather of all biometric modalities. The advancement of technology has allowed for the expansion of biometric modalities within the sector and as a result, the Automated Biometric Identification System or ABIS was born. The ABIS has allowed for law enforcement agencies to have access to several biometric modalities including fingerprint, palm, facial, and in recent years, iris. AwareABIS supports these modalities for large-scale biometric identification. It is designed to serve between 1-30 million identities or more, and its modular architecture helps security teams configure and optimize the system for civil or criminal applications.  

Users of AwareABIS may already be familiar with the benefits of the offering, but for law enforcement agencies considering making the switch, let’s take a minute to recap them here.  

Say goodbye to pesky vendor lock-in with the AwareABIS

Vendor lock-in occurs when a technology provider imposes excessive switching costs upon their customer, intentionally or otherwise. This makes it unattractive for a customer to replace their installed products, as the vendor earns a virtual monopoly within that account on a future product. AwareABIS is flexible and has an open platform, allowing agencies to input and retrieve data as they see fit, alleviating the risk of vendor lock-in. 

Configurability is the superpower of the AwareABIS

With AwareABIS, size does not have to be an issue. From small to large scale, ABIS offerings from Aware can be aligned to fit agency specific needs.  

  • Small-scale biometric identification: AFIX Tracker supports fingerprint, palmprint, and latent print identification for small-scale biometric identification, up to 2 million identities.  
  • Plug-in biometric identification: Aware’s Astra provides the speed and accuracy of the AwareABIS as a plug-in for existing business processes and workflows. Scalable, fault tolerant, and configurable, the Astra matching subsystem is ideal for adding high–speed and accurate finger, face, iris, and voice verification and identification into existing solution offerings. 
  • Large-scale biometric identification: AwareABIS supports fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition for large-scale biometric identification. Designed to serve between 1-30 million identities or more. It utilizes BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform) which is Aware’s market-leading workflow and integration server.  

Expand modalities with AwareABIS

The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division developed—and incrementally integrated—a new system to replace the IAFIS. This new system, the Next Generation Identification (NGI), provides the criminal justice community with the world’s largest and most efficient electronic repository of biometric and criminal history information. One of the current modalities available to law enforcement through the NGI is iris.  The inclusion of iris recognition provides authorities with a faster, touchless, and highly accurate identification method that can be used in circumstances where fingerprints are not available. The technology is now available to local law enforcement through a joined partnership by Aware, Inc. and Iris ID, which aims to expand access to the NGI Iris Service.  

Get your AwareABIS today

Aware has been trusted by law enforcement agencies for years as a leader in biometric software technology. Our ABIS offering is easy to use, has multi-modal capabilities and is fast for time sensitive applications. Configured for criminal applications, AwareABIS provides all the functions available in its civil configuration but adds additional capabilities that are critical for law enforcement use cases. The AwareABIS could be the turning point for cracking the case and increasing community safety.  

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