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Remote Search Functionality

AFIX Differentiators

AFIX Remote Search provides cloud-based search collaboration between agencies with minimal effort. Access to the Internet is all you need to enable your AFIX Tracker system to send search requests and receive results from other agencies on the AFIX Remote Search network.

Aware takes security seriously. Not only does your AFIX Tracker system utilize HTTPS (SSL) secure connections, we also include full 256-bit AES encryption of all files prior to transmission.

This technology also provides the ability to securely connect to remote live scan systems for integration with your AFIX Tracker system.

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Remote Search Functionality

AFIX Tracker

Remote Search jobs are submitted in the same way as a standard local search job, using the familiar “Search Wizard” interface. Similarly, Remote Search results are viewed in AFIX Tracker’s Stereo Comparison screen allowing users to use Remote Search with zero learning curve.

AFIX Engine

The AFIX Engine(s) at the remote agency will process incoming search jobs for all requesting agencies to whom they have provided permission. Incoming Remote Search jobs are assigned lower priority so they will not impact local search performance.

  1. The Originating Agency (ORI) uses AFIX Tracker to upload a search request to the mailbox of an agency that is registered on their Destination Agency (DAI) list.
  2. The Destination Agency’s AFIX Tracker sees the request in its mailbox and downloads it.
  3. AFIX Engine processes the search request and encrypts and uploads the results to the Originating Agency’s mailbox.
  4. The Originating Agency sees the response in its mailbox and downloads it, populating the search results screen with the contents of the response.

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