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Easy and Flexible Entry of All Record Types



Interfaces with livescan systems from all major providers for “lights-out” transmission of fingerprint, palm print, and mugshot photos recorded during booking

Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed Scanner

Provided with FBI Appendix-F compliant flatbed scanners allowing fast and high-quality scanned entry of known prints, latent prints, and facial images

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Accepts digital photos of all record types and in a wide range of image formats including .bmp, .tif, .jpeg, .j2k, .png, and many others

EBTS Imports

EBTS Imports

Fully FBI/NIST EBTS-compliant and can import EBTS records from all NIST-compliant systems

Powerful and Accurate Matching of Latent Prints and Unknown Faces

  • Employs robust matching algorithms for both friction-ridge (finger, palm, latent) and facial image matching which allow the use of evidence that may not be considered “of sufficient value” by other systems

  • Friction-ridge algorithms allow searching and matching of latent prints with as few as four identifiable minutiae features

  • Facial matching algorithms are among the most accurate in the industry, providing the ability to effectively utilize poor quality, off-angle, and occluded or partially obscured facial images. Also provides matching of images with a wide age variance

Scalable Search/Match Performance

  • Employs a distributed search process which is scalable over multiple processors and/or networked dedicated servers. Multiple instances of the AFIX Engine application may be employed as “client” engines controlled by a “master” engine which, when combined with the appropriate systems resources, provides the ability to scale search performance to virtually any level.
  • The base system includes one AFIX Engine master and one client, each configured address separate processor cores.
  • The number of clients may be customized for each implementation. The search performance examples below are based upon a current PC-based system configuration searching a latent print against a database of standard 14-image fingerprint records including rolled and plain impressions:
25,000 records300,000 records1,000,000 records
1 AFIX Engine Master & 1 Engine Client1 AFIX Engine Master & 24 Engine Clients1 AFIX Engine Master & 82 Engine Clients
Search completed within 4 minutesSearch completed within 4 minutesSearch completed within 4 minutes
25,000 records
1 AFIX Engine Master & 1 Engine Client
Search completed within 4 minutes


300,000 records
1 AFIX Engine Master & 24 Engine Clients
Search completed within 4 minutes


1,000,000 records
1 AFIX Engine Master & 82 Engine Clients
Search completed within 4 minutes

Court Charting & Reporting

AFIX Tracker provides multiple choices for printed output of matching results including varied court charting and stereo comparison options and customizable data reporting.

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Sizing Options

Sizing Options to Fit Every Database Size

AFIX Tracker

Database up to 5K records

AFIX Tracker

Database up to 25K records

AFIX Tracker

Database up to 100K records

AFIX Tracker

Databases 100K+ records (requires SQL Server and Hardware

All functions supported on a single workstation

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