Enterprise Security in the Age of Remote and Mobile Work

Biometric Technologies Take Us to the Next Level

New Work Means New Security Challenges

Work has changed. Advances in mobility and connectivity have accelerated the evolution of the modern business, allowing new types of enterprises to emerge. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, the classic nine-to-five workday confined to the cubicles of an office space is no longer the norm.

Today’s work environments are as unique as the people powering them, from the entry level up to the corner office. Wireless technology enables remote workers and mobile offices, keeping businesses on the move and allowing them to span the world. In today’s “gig” economy, new, disruptive mobile apps empower independent workers to integrate their work into their life in a way that’s best for them, turning their cars into taxis and their spare bedrooms into miniature hotels.

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