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In today’s increasingly digital world, individuals rely heavily on mobile devices to complete more and more tasks, including their banking. In order to attract and keep customers, banking and financial services firms increasingly rely on the sophistication and ease-of-use of mobile applications – which allow customers to transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, trade stocks, and make payments, all from their mobile devices.

These mobile apps also provide customers with the ability to cut down on branch visits – or to eliminate them altogether – to help make the onboarding process as quick and painless as possible. While accessibility and ease of use are critical, there can also be no compromise on security. Mobile biometrics solutions offer banks and other businesses a way to more effectively verify the identities of their new and existing customers – while also allowing them to open an account without visiting a branch. Biometrics make this identity proofing process more robust, secure and convenient.

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Aware’s Knomi® platform can be used for identity proofing as part of a mobile onboarding solution, with advanced security checks that authenticate driver’s licenses and passports, and spoof-resistant biometric facial matching between the live and printed images.


Knomi® For Mobile Onboarding

Knomi’s advanced attack detection algorithms are essential for onboarding and authentication. Enterprise security teams can also use Knomi for identity proofing as part of a mobile onboarding solution. Its advanced security checks can authenticate driver’s licenses and passports. It also provides spoof-resistant biometric facial matching between live and printed images, which is critical when preventing duplicates and running checks against watch lists.

Knomi can detect not only victim impersonation spoofs, but also identity concealment spoofs, which can have an adverse effect on using facial images for other biometric identity proofing functions. The range of Knomi system functions includes:

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Knomi DocAuth

Knomi includes a solution for document authentication and facial matching, which is ideal for biometric identity proofing as part of a mobile onboarding process using a government-issued credential such as a driver’s license or passport. Knomi DocAuth can be implemented in either a server-centric or browser-based architecture. Features include:

  • Assisted capture of credential (front and back)
  • OCR-powered capture of printed and bar-encoded data
  • Detection of document security features (white light)
  • Automated capture of printed facial image and live facial image
  • NIST-tested facial recognition algorithms
  • Robust, multi-algorithm face spoof detection for authentication and identity proofing (paper, digital, video, 2D/3D masks)
  • Comparison of printed to bar-encoded data
  • NFC reading of e-passport chip data
  • Server-centric or browser-based architecture

Knomi DocAuth performs assisted capture of the front and back of the credential, and then automatically extracts the facial image, printed information, and bar-encoded data. It then collects a live facial image, applying several attack detection algorithms to prevent spoofs. A facial match is calculated and analysis of the collected data performed to verify the authenticity of the credential and the identity of its possessor.

Knomi’s advanced face-based presentation attack detection algorithms detect not only authentication spoofs, but also false non-match spoofs that impact the ability to use the biometrics for other biometric identity proofing functions such as watch list checks and duplicate prevention.

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