Biometric Enrollment and Data Management

Biometrics are a powerful tool for identity proofing as they are more definitive identifiers than biographic identity data such as name, date of birth, and address, which rely on forgeable ID cards, draw upon error-prone records, and are simply not unique or permanent. For large government agencies that employ thousands of people each year, onboarding and processing potential candidates’ biometric information for background checks can become a challenge due to the outdated Windows-based software applications that have traditionally been used for biometric enrollment. In addition to being at higher risk for security exposure, these applications need to be manually installed, maintained, and kept up-to-date with operating system updates and the introduction of new biometric capture hardware, such as fingerprint scanners.

This is why government agencies are turning to browser-based biometric enrollment platforms. These systems allow for less maintenance, consistency across systems, enhanced security, and are future proofed for growth and agility.

What We Do

Aware is a leading global provider of software products and solutions for biometric identification and authentication used for a variety of applications including financial services, enterprise security, border management, and law enforcement. Aware’s WebEnroll™, a browser-based biometric data enrollment and management solution, is built upon two market-leading products from Aware: BioComponents and BioSP.

 Aware WebEnroll™

WebEnroll is the market-leading solution for browser-based biometric enrollment and data management. It greatly simplifies the deployment, management, and maintenance of biometric enrollment workstation software as compared to thick-client applications, and is particularly effective for large and geographically distributed deployments.

WebEnroll™ is built upon BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform), the most advanced and widely deployed biometric middleware platform available. It utilizes a product called BioComponents™, which is a family of server-based software components that operate within a browser for capture and compliance assurance of biographic data, fingerprints, and facial images.

Each BioComponent performs either biographic data collection and validation, fingerprint image autocapture, or face autocapture, as well as capture device abstraction. Once data and images are captured, they are submitted to BioSP, where configurable workflows and modular software applications are used for processing, routing, and storage of each transaction. Biometric verification or identification can be added with Nexa or one of several third-party matchers integrated with BioSP, or an external matching service.

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Features and functionality include:

About BioSP™

BioSP (Biometric Services Platform) is a modular, open platform used to enable a biometric system with advanced biometric data processing and management functionality in a web services architecture. It provides workflow, data management and formatting, and other important utilities for large-scale biometric systems.

BioSP is well suited for applications that require the collection of biometrics throughout a distributed network, and subsequent aggregation, analysis, processing, distribution, matching, and sharing of data with other system components. BioSP is modular, programmable, scalable, and secure, capable of managing all aspects of transaction workflow including messaging, submissions, responses, and logging. BioSP makes extensive use of open-source components and is Jakarta EE-compliant. Features and Functionality include:

  • Performs automated biometric image and data analysis, processing, formatting, quality assurance, and reporting
  • Utilizes web services in support of a scalable, secure, service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Integrates biometric functions with other enterprise systems such as identity management, access management, card management, and AFIS/ABIS
  • Performs 1:1 and 1:many biometric matching for verification, identification, and duplicate checking
  • Enables centralized system administration and user management
  • Enables advanced reporting capabilities for fast troubleshooting of biometric capture problems
  • Enables centralized configuration, distribution, and management of enrollment client software
  • Supports fingerprint, face, iris, and palm modalities

Real-World Application: US Department of Defense

The US Department of Defense uses Aware’s WebEnroll™ platform on 3,500 workstations for browser-based biometric enrollment and data management to make its background check system more secure and its maintenance more efficient. Read more about it here.

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