Biometrics on the Road to Automotive Identity

Part One: The Connected Car Future

This is not your father’s Oldsmobile. After a hundred years of incremental improvements in the performance, efficiency, safety, and reliability of our automobiles, today we are in the midst of what can be argued is a truly revolutionary change in what it means to drive a car. Our vehicles have become supercomputers on wheels, with hundreds of sensors collecting every imaginable datapoint, thousands of times every second. Advances in wireless connectivity such as those promised by 5G networks are transforming the way we hit the road. Vehicles of all types are connecting to the Internet and to each other, to the point where getting behind the wheel has turned from  a convenient way to get from A to B into a highly personalized and efficient mode of transportation, that also happens to be safer than ever.. But as connected cars and trucks take to our highways, it’s not enough that they can navigate, connect, communicate, and entertain – this new wave of automotive transportation has to be personal. The smart vehicle of tomorrow needs to know its driver.

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