Project Description

White Paper

Identification Flats: A Revolution in Fingerprint Biometrics

There is a revolutionary change occurring in the way fingerprint biometrics are applied as a result of several strong market drivers that have been in progress for several years and are now reaching critical mass. The result will be the rapid, global spread of the use of ten flat fingerprints, or “identification flats” (ID flats) for several security-related applications requiring biometric identification of civilians.

The key enabler of this capability is new software used in conjunction with optical “live scan” hardware devices that employs advanced image processing technology in real time to perform ultra-fast capture and quality control of ID flats . As a company with deep expertise gained from providing advanced image processing software to the biometrics industry since 1992, Aware is uniquely qualified to deliver a revolutionary software innovation to address this evolving requirement. Where the fingerprint capture process had formerly been performed by trained, experienced professionals and took several minutes, Aware fingerprint capture technology enables the reliable capture of high-quality, compliant ID flats in less than fifteen seconds, making fingerprint-based biometrics highly applicable to a wide range of new and important security applications in both the private and public sectors.

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