Project Description

Video Demonstration


FormScannerSE is a software application designed to assist the process of scanning and processing of fingerprint cards and forms. Used with off-the-shelf consumer-grade flatbed scanners, it utilizes three Aware SDKs: AccuScan, NISTPack, and SequenceCheck, and is FBI certified.The user interface implements workflow designed to enable the operator of the workstation to scan the form, make corrections, and manage the manual entry of the biographic data contained on the form. The section of the form containing the biographic data is displayed on the top half of the screen and the data entry boxes of the application are displayed on the bottom half of the screen. As the user moves the cursor to the selected data entry box, the scanned form pans and scrolls automatically in the top half of the screen so the original biographic data in typed or hand written form is display prominently to assist keyed data entry.