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Biometrics Services Platform™

Report Manager

BioSP Report Manager and associated modules provide biometric data collection, statistical analysis, and customizable reporting by processing and presenting data generated by Format Manager and the Fingerprint Analysis, Facial Analysis, and Iris Analysis modules. Biometric transactions are analyzed for image quality problems and non-conformance errors, and the resulting data is made available for users to retrieve, organize, and visualize in the form of custom, graphical reports. The reports can be used to identify and troubleshoot enrolment problems, quantify environmental factors, and perform general system performance monitoring and improvements.

All raw data collected for each subject and component (e.g. all ten fingers in a slap/plain impression) is aggregated and processed into OLAP cubes according to selectable parameters. Custom reports are presented that can summarize data in such a way as to enable informed decision making. For example, data might be presented that measures biometric image quality as a function of capture hardware device or operator, and presents summarizing statistics such as averages and standard deviations with automatically identified outliers. A capture device shown to yield average quality scores that are low to a statistically significant degree could indicate that the device is working improperly. Similarly, an operator requiring additional training might be identified. Finally, environmental effects such as humidity or temperature could be correlated to image quality. Output report formats include PDF, comma-separated value (.csv), HTML, and XML/XSL.