Windows Software Application for Biometric Enrollment and Search on Military-Grade Mobile Devices

URC|Tactical is a software application for performing biometric enrollment, identification, and screening on ruggedized mobile biometric devices, such as those used by military personnel in the field. It allows the operator to capture both biographic and biometric data from subjects and then match the biometric information to onboard watch lists and known mission-encountered individuals.

During enrollment, the operator can select the type of individual to enroll and then collect that individual’s (mandatory and optional) demographics, fingerprint images, facial images, iris images, document images, and cell phone information. After collection, the software performs biometric matching on the enrolled iris and fingerprint images. The application supports the uploading of watch lists in the form of EBTS files. Additionally, the application provides the ability to screen subjects (identification without enrollment). Finally, the application allows an administrator to configure the application to control the overall performance and workflow.

URC|Tactical runs on Windows and utilizes several Aware SDKs for biometric autocapture, image quality assurance, and capture device abstraction. It supports use of many different biometric capture peripheral scanners and cameras, and operates on several COTS mobile hardware devices.


  • Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition
  • Automated fingerprint identification services (AFIS)
  • Automated biometric identification services (ABIS)
  • Border management
  • Defense and intelligence
  • Law enforcement

Features and Functionality

  • Support for fingerprint, face, and iris enrolment
  • Collection of textual data, document images, and cell phone data
  • Biometric fingerprint and iris matching
  • EBTS-based watch list import
  • Operation on several different COTS mobile hardware platforms
  • Abstraction of peripheral capture hardware devices
  • Configurable functionality and workflow

URC Mobile ScreenURC Mobile Screen

URC Mobile ScreenURC Mobile Screen